Tips For Winter Jogging Preparation


I have lived in the northeastern part of the United States for most of my life and I am still not a fan of cold weather. Now that winter is upon us, you may need to make a few slight adjustments in your jogging regimen. Winter jogging is something that we can all do. It will just take a few slight adjustments to make it happen. Here are a couple of things you should consider for winter jogging outside.

Give Yourself More Time
As a result of the cold weather, it will take you longer to warm up. Start out by jogging slower than you normally do. It is extremely difficult to push your muscles when they are cold. This is why that I strongly recommend that you stretch indoors after your jog is over.

Dress in Layers
Shorts and a T-shirt might have been OK for summer or fall, but winter is a different story. The layer closest to you body should be made of a synthetic material that will keep sweat away from your body. The second layer should be something warm, but breathable like fleece. Finally, the third layer should be something like nylon or Gor-Tex that will protect you from wind, snow or rain.

Protect Your Feet
Choose synthetic socks over cotton socks. Synthetic socks will help against moisture accumulation and it will prevent blisters. You also might want to consider using trail running shoes. Trails shoes provide greater traction for slippery surfaces.

When to Jog
Try jogging closer to the middle of the day. This way you will avoid the extreme cold temperatures that occur in the early morning or at night. Jogging mid-day also provides you with the most light possible. Running at night is always risky. The risk increases in cold weather, because you won’t be able to see patches of ice that may be on the ground.

Where to Jog
Be careful about planning your route. Your route may change from day to day. Try to choose roads that are dry and flat. Roads that are slippery or uneven can be very dangerous. Snowy conditions may make running on the sidewalk difficult. If you need to run in the street, I suggest that you run facing oncoming traffic. That way you can see the cars and they can see you.

There are a lot of people who aren’t fans of jogging outdoors during the winter. When the weather gets cold they find a way to get their jogging done indoors. Jogging outdoors during the winter is very possible. You just need to be careful and take the right precautions.


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