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Whether you are fascinated by the Modern Applications of Hypnosis for personal change, or looking to learn hypnosis to help others, thank you for visiting .

Our Story..

In the summer of 2013, Sonny returned from giving a Stop Smoking with Hypnosis workshop in Portland and decided to visit his old Hypnosis Meetup group that he began when he first arrived here from Toronto (see Hypnosis Toronto). As fate would have it, the group was dormant so.. he sent out a general message to gauge interest..THERE WAS! And it was serious.. so he restarted the group.

Our Hypnosis Meetup group was relaunched with the mission statement of Education, Experience, and Performance. Each Wednesday evening @ 7pm in Kitsilano – FREE! – Sonny first explains to everyone what going to happen – usually a Money Magnet or Attract True Love mediation but sometimes we explore Past Lives and Stage Hypnosis as well! He then takes the group through the entire process (Past Scripts are available for FREE on our Hypnosis Scripts page) – it’s kind of like a “Group Session” but FREE! After that, scripts are passed out and we’re given an opportunity to practice. Local experts have even been dropping in and sharing their experiences. It’s a lot of fun!

As fate would have it pt 2 – a couple of the guys in the group were mentioning that they wanted to open their own clinic so Sonny said.. “Well.. send me your photos and bios and I’ll re-launch the Hypnosis Vancouver site as well.”

And.. that brings us to today.

As the beginning.. begins again.


Hypnosis Vancouver

More Photos and bios coming soon


Collin Sonny Rosati MHt

Affectionately know as The Love Hypnotist for his Romantic Magic Hypnosis Workshops to Mend Broken Hearts and Find True Love, Sonny is both a Stage and Clinical Hypnotherapist. He has written two books for Hypnotists, “Emotional Weight Loss” and “Hypnosis Scripts for Personal Change”

With over 14 years of experience Sonny is here for you. For more information plz visit his personal pg http://www.thesunnyside.net

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  1. Kayla says:

    Hey! Trying to find your meetup group and failing miserably…a little help if I may??

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