Hypnosis Workshops & Classes

Looking for a new Home ! : Both our weekly Hypnosis Meetup and My Hypnosis for Cancer Group are looking for a new place to meet.. if you know of a suitable location – plz let me know – sending love – S

Please Note: We have FREE WEEKLY HYPNOSIS CLASSES!!! that are simply scaled back versions of the big classes and presented in a more educational and intimate setting – please see our Wednesday Meetup Group & RSVP – we’d love to see you.


Some of the classes fill very quickly so.. please Register NOW ! with the form below.


Hypnosis Vancouver


NGH Level 1 & 2 certification ! Next Class – November, 2014 – Check back soon

Sonny will be certifying new Hypnotherapists through The National Guild of Hypnotists. If you’re interested in becoming a Certified Hypnotherapist then give him a call or come out to the Wednesday Meetup. – The cost is $2500 but there are huge discounts available on the web..



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