Comedy Hypnosis

Thanks for visiting my Love Hypnotist Show Page !!!

I’m located in Toronto, and Vancouver, Canada. I perform both adult themed and all ages presentations that are fun for everyone. For booking information please send an email to ( or call 778-828-0088

sunshine coast events

The Love Hypnotist Routines: Washing Machine

– Caution ! Adult Content

Fate: An Evening of Magical Wonders – Hypnosis Highlights!


The Love Hypnotist Routines: Stolen Belly Button

The Love Hypnotist Routines: Forgetting Name

The Love Hypnotist Routines: Dance Off


Live in Kamloops @ The Dirty Jersey


From Youtube!

“I wish I can do this hahaha I would be the king of the school hahahahahhahaha” – BJKING92

“the lady in the background says there is not enough drugs in the world to have you looking like that …lol” – bionca robinson

“I wanna try!” – oliveberry1

“ha ha brilliant” – dye tat

“Better than Aaron Glotfelter, any day.” – backinthecrystal

“The ones who are saying its fake obviously have no prior knowledge of hypnosis or deep trance phenomena. id like to see them on the stage! LMFAO. i seen a chick say she couldnt be hypnotized and ten minutes later had the same experience as this! lol” – Osyris706

“This hypnotist is better then Aaron Glotfelter. In my opinion.” – Ty Fly

“try me !” – om Zack

“I got a chubby watching that!” – hithere19751975

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