Are You Your Own Worst Enemy? Why Confidence Is Key in Course Creation


A lot of the clients I speak to about creating their own products suffer from a lack of confidence in what they offer, particularly when it means that their course will set them apart as being an expert. They seem to miss the point that they are already experts, and what they’re doing is taking what they do and presenting it in a tangible and accessible format.

Your own worst enemy

You are, to put it plainly, your own worst enemy when this happens. You suffer from hyper criticality and hyper responsibility. It’s fine to be critical, but you need to think about what that really means. Criticism means looking at what you do from all sides, and appreciating what you do right as much as what can be improved. However, when you do this, you are simply pulling yourself and your work apart.

Adding hyper responsibility to this is a lovely mixture for a meltdown. When you are hyper responsible, you feel like it’s entirely up to you to ensure that your clients get everything you want them to out of your product. And really, it isn’t. It’s important to realise that there’s only so much you can do. You’re effecting a behavioural change, but only with the co-operation of the person who has bought your product. You can create engaging course materials, but the final transformation is down to them.

It’s not you, it’s them

So, here’s the deal. What you want your clients to get out of the product and what THEY want are likely to be two different things. And… you’re not responsible for their learning.

I can vouch for this from the client side too; I have recently bought a programme that I haven’t yet looked at. I know I want and need it, I just have to prioritise, and it’s a little lower down the list than I would like. I can revisit it though, and that’s the real beauty of taking your knowledge and packaging it up. I have this programme whenever I need it.

Confidence is key

You really need to be confident to create your own courses; confident that what you offer is great for a wider audience. If you’re not confident, it will show in your programmes, and it means SO MUCH for your credibility. Have you ever sat in a course with a trainer who looks like they want to flee the scene? Well, this would show up in your online stuff if you keep hold of your critical, negative approach and the idea that you’re responsible for the well-being of everyone who takes up your offer.

Coach Class is all about helping you to get your skills right so that you can put your knowledge out there, and get your products put together.

The difference at Coach Class is that you are guided and taught by a professional coach, trainer and therapist who has nearly two decades of experience in training and design, and can help you get your programmes right first time.

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