5 Tips for Running in the Rain


Running in the rain in something that some runners don’t mind and some runners hate. If you find yourself having to get your run in during the rain – here are some tips to follow. They will make your run in the rain a little more pleasant.

1. Dress in layers. If you are running in a cold rain – you may need to run with a couple layers of clothing.

The most important layer is the one that you have next to your skin. Make sure that this first layer is a technical fabric that is moisture-wicking. You want the perspiration to be wicked away from your body. If you don’t, you will feel cold and shivery while you run.

A water-resistant jacket is also important to have. Make sure that it is breathable – you don’t want moisture and heat trapped in.

2. Wear a cap. I wear a cap everyday when I run – but when it’s raining, it’s even more important. The bill of the cap will keep the rain from getting in your eyes so that you can see where you are running.

3. Don’t overdo your layers. Many runners want to wear more layers than they should. More layers will not keep you any dryer – and actually will cause you to be wetter. Runner’s World Magazine has a great calculator for determining what clothes to wear in what weather. Just put in the weather conditions, the temperature and how you like to feel while running. It will come back with what clothing is appropriate. Here is a link to it:


4. Wear bright clothing. You want to be noticeable anytime you run – but during a rain, it’s even more important. Make sure you wear bright clothing or reflective strips or a reflective vest.

5. Take care of your shoes. After your finish up a run in the rain, remove your shoes. Don’t put them over a heat source – just let them dry naturally. However, you can crumble up some newspaper into balls and put them into them. This will draw out the moisture. If at all possible, have another pair of shoes that you can run in the next day. This will make sure that your “rainy” shoes will be dry before you use them again.

Running in the rain can be fun. Hopefully, these tips will help you!

Keep on Running!



Judy Mick has been running since 1978 and has not missed a day running since 1985. Read about her running and get running tips at http://www.thestreakingrunner.com


Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Judy_Mick



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