How to Crush Your Training Goals in 2014


When you think about the martial arts, you think perhaps about someone possessing amazing speed, power, and a seemingly mystical martial ability to crush all of the opponents that lie in their path. The fact is, in order to make forward progress in the martial arts, you need to set some training goals.

The scope of this article is not on how to set goals that stick, but rather how to keep them. The martial arts are no exception. You need to develop certain “martial arts powers” in order to stick with your training goals. These powers specifically are: focus, clarity, association and persistence.

Do not attempt to hone too many martial skills at the same time. Focus on one aspect that you wish to improve upon, and set your sights on this. Remember the value of “single-minded purpose.” Avoid distractions. Create the habit of being completely present on the task at hand. Train towards that one singular purpose for maximum results.

Clearly define the areas which require improvement. Let your trusted training partners know which aspects you intend to improve upon. You’ll be surprised at how they can help you. It is okay to have several areas that you wish to improve upon, but understand the power of a clearly defined training program and follow it.

It’s perfectly fine to train by yourself in your garage or basement, but this cannot be all that you do. You need to have a group, or society of people you train with in order to draw upon their experiences and their energies. Do not attempt to reinvent the wheel. Draw on the strengths of those you train with, and adapt them into your style where appropriate.

Of all martial powers to develop, persistence is the most important. Persistence calls upon one to develop self-discipline. Cultivate good habits, and destroy your bad ones. Continually ask yourself; “Is what I am doing right now bringing me closer to my martial arts goals, or is it pulling me further away?”

Take stock of where you are at. Do this on a regular basis. If you are lacking in any of the martial powers described above, create a plan this year to develop them. We are a community here at the modern samurai society. Please comment on any advice you have to help other martial artists achieve their goals this year.

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