2 Rules to Follow After an Emotional Break Up – To Help End the Emotional Roller Coaster


Breaking up out of a long term relationship is one of the worst emotional experiences you will have in your lifetime. The years invested into a loving relationship all seem lost and wasted, and you never feel more alone than you do after a break up. Staying strong and continuing to do the right thing is difficult during these times. Let me show you 2 activities/rules that really helped me during this time…

First, you need to spend time apart. We all know how many break ups go – that is, one minute we say we’re broken up, but we then do things to “run into each other” or even confront the other to basically continue to arguing. That’s never any good.

The time apart you spend from your ex will help you both realize how it feels without the other by their side, or without the other as an emotional support structure. This is difficult. It will also give you both time to cool down from whatever action it was that finally broke the relationship.

Second, you need to decide if this break up is what you ultimately wanted. Are you someone that’s constantly breaking up with the same person? Many relationships are like that. You need to take the time to realize if you want you ex back and if you think this will happen again.

Spending your life in a yo-yo relationship that’s always breaking up and getting back together is no fun. There’s a reason that doesn’t seem to be getting addressed in the break ups. It’s in your best interest and your life’s best interest to find this reason and see what you and your ex can do to fix it.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Mark_N._Preston

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