Positive Affirmations Are Feel-Good Statements For Everyday Use – 7 Tips


You may already know that positive affirmations are specific joy-filled, high-vibrational statements. You are open to the idea that these feel-good statements have the potential to make a powerful difference in your life. Are you still wondering how to incorporate these transformational sayings into your own life?

You may be thinking: I would like to try this but I am so busy! My life is so hectic — I haven’t the time to figure this out! Affirmations are quite simple, yet very powerful, and you can quickly integrate them into your everyday life practice.

However, before we explore ways to make powerful use of them, it is a good idea to pay attention to your personal everyday range of positive versus negative thinking. Self-talk and “head talk” are two terms that apply to those thoughts that buzz around in our heads all day long. Keeping that self-talk in a positive, optimistic mode sets the tone for our emotional scale (our feelings) and attracts more positive aspects to flow into our life experience.

Sometimes it is all too easy to fall into a pattern of negative head talk. We need to be aware of exactly how we are thinking and feeling at different points in our days. If we feel challenged, frustrated, or on the verge of thoughts taking a downward spiral, we must consciously reach for a better-feeling thought. Positive affirmations will help counteract this negative head talk.

Developing an affirmation practice and integrating the use of positive affirmations into your life is well worth making the effort! Here are seven easy tips:

  1. Use positive affirmations each and every day. Make it a habit to verbalize a positive statement every morning and every evening. Consistency is essential! Also, saying your affirmations in front of the mirror creates a more powerful practice. It might feel odd at first doing mirror work, but try it! It IS effective.
  2. Focus on stating your affirmation in a confident way, even if you are only saying it in your mind. Repeat it several times.
  3. Place your affirmations where you will see them and where you will be encouraged to recite them. Post them on the refrigerator so they will be in easy view, near your computer, or wherever they will catch your attention. Write them in large dark handwriting so they are easy to read — or in a prominent, bold font if you are printing them from your computer.
  4. Take printed affirmations with you! Take them to your job, or with you as you go about your daily activities. At work, you can spend a few minutes on them during a break. Affirmations are great if conveniently typed into your smart phone, so you can just pull them up on your screen!
  5. Memorize one simple affirmation — maybe a more generic kind that will be your “catch-all” affirmation. You can say it to yourself at any time that you need a little boost of confidence — or calmness. (For example: I easily and freely accept abundance, joy and excellent health from a loving, supportive Universe!)
  6. When you are waiting on a long line anywhere (supermarket, department store, the bank, gas station, etc.), have a handy card or piece of paper and read your affirmations to yourself. This is a better way to spend a few minutes, as opposed to being frustrated by feeling that you are wasting time in the waiting mode. When you are “hold” on the phone, such as with customer service, and the wait can be lengthy, reach for an affirmation!
  7. Write your goals as affirmations to empower them. One example is “My new online business is already an abundant source of income for me.”

Here is an Affirmation, Attitude, Action series to focus on in order to help bring in the flow of good-feeling thoughts: 

Success, prosperity, happiness, and vibrant health are easy for me to manifest on a daily basis.

I have a remarkable winning attitude and I am confident in my abilities.

I take steps each day to plan my inspired goals and activities — and I achieve them easily!


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