Golden Steps On How to Hypnotize Someone

Hypnotizing someone may sound hard, almost difficult, but it can be done. People do it all the time or allow it to be done even without being aware of it. The key to hypnosis is to build infusing focused attention on a person and ensuring that individual is responsive to your suggestions. It is about grabbing the attention of the subject and striking a strong connection with him or her. Learning how to hypnotize begins with these crucial steps as they hold the key to how successful and powerful the hypnotism will be.

Lower psychological defenses

This is often accomplished by making them feel at ease. You have to instill a sense of relaxation, whether false or real, by communicating in a relaxed manner and in an even breathing pattern. The subject of discussion here should be about things that can relax them such as vacations and sleep to help them get into a state of trance while still not losing their concentration. This can only be achieved if both of you are in a mutually agreeable place; away from noise, quite comfortable and free of any sort of interruptions. The key intention is to have their unwavering concentration.

Build trust

It is hard to lower an individual’s defenses without first earning his or her trust. In hypnosis, this begins with having a heart to heart chat. You can begin by asking them whether they have ever been hypnotized before and how they felt about it. This gives them a hint of what you are about to do and it also gives you an edge on the kind of approach to take. Most rookie hypnotists use the same approach on everyone which is a big mistake as no single tactic can work on everyone.

Put ideas into their brains

You have to embed ideas into their minds without them knowing that you are doing it. Focus on their unconscious mind and use suggestive language, put ideas and thoughts into their minds. You can flatter them or shower them with praises which in turn will make them want to listen to what you want to say. Let them hang on every word you say by giving them positive commands and affirmations and you will notice that their nonverbal expressions will begin to slowly agree with what you are saying.

Speak slow and with sensuality

When learning how to hypnotize, you should know your voice is the greatest resource. How you use it determines the outcome. You have to sooth and caress with your hypnotic voice atoned to their breathing pattern. You want to disarm them with your words and you want them to follow what you are saying regardless of how they feel about it. You are opening doors in their minds that lead them to an abyss of hypnotism. This can only be done if you use your words carefully in an elaborating and repetitive way.

Guide their actions

The last thing you would want to do is to have a subject in control of his mind and actions while undergoing hypnosis. It simply cannot work; it might sound crude and inappropriate but hypnosis is all about mind control. You have to guide their actions and their thoughts and you can carry out this by pushing their mind towards the direction you want to go. This is done by gradually giving suggestions and allowing them to sink deeper into hypnotism willingly.

Snap them out of it

Just as you lead them deep into the hypnotic trance, when learning how to hypnotize, you have to embed ideas in their minds that make them recover from this state back to consciousness. Again here you use words that make them aware of their surroundings and connect with their conscious side.


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