Ways to Manage Your Mind and Your Feelings


Managing your mind and feelings isn’t easy when you live on planet Earth. You’re stressed out from every day responsibilities and the ‘drama-rama’ that happens in the world. In order to change your life, it will behoove you to manage your mind and feelings. Tune out the negative in your life, and focus upon the positive. Stop hanging around with people who suck the life out of you! This can be tricky if they’re family and friends. Actually, family is the trickiest because we’re taught that family is important. But how important is it? Isn’t your health more important? If you don’t have your health, you won’t be able to take care of your family. It’s something to think about.

Ways to Manage Your Mind and Your Feelings

Tune people out. This can be difficult when it comes to family. How do you tune out your spouse/partner? Focus on the good in them. Find something they do that makes your heart soar and focus on that. When it comes to co-workers or a boss, focus on that. They’re just your boss or co-workers. You work with them and that’s it. They’re not apart of your inner circle (some of them can be), they’re simply people you see every day at your job. Find the good in them. They may have more problems than you. Send them lots of love and thank God that you don’t have their problems!

Stop and notice your thoughts. Periodically, notice your thoughts. What are you thinking? Is it true? How is it helping or hindering you? If you constantly think negative thoughts, your life will reflect your thoughts. Look at the people in your life. Look at the situations that are drawn to you. Are they positive or negative? Chances are they’re negative and not healthy. Once you notice your thoughts, you’ll be able to shiftthem.

When you notice a negative thought, shift it. If you notice a ‘negative’ thought creeping into your mind, shift it. Say, “Thank you for sharing” and let it pass through your mind. Don’t give it any attention. Say, “That’s interesting” and let it go. Don’t stop to dwell or analyze the thought. If you do, you won’t stop and you’ll attract more negative thoughts to you.

Get out in nature. Believe it or not, nature can help you. Go for a walk in the park or woods. If you live in an area that has mountain parks, go for a hike. Nature can do wonders for your mind, body, and soul. Visualize all of the ‘icky’ energy from your mind going into the earth. It will be transmuted into love.

Meditate. This isn’t easy for some people because you need to sit still for 10 or more minutes. Try 5 minutes per day and build up from there. Allow you mind to drift and don’t stop to analyze your thoughts. Notice them and let them go. Before you know it, you’ll be to meditate for hours! If you need help with meditation, purchase a meditation CD or book. It will shift your thoughts and life.


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