Break the Unhealthy Pattern With a Past Life Regression


Do you have habits that you just can’t seem to break?

Does it seem like you’re stuck in an unhealthy rut, no matter how hard you try to change?

Your past lives could be to blame.

Your current life is not the only life you have ever lived. Everyone has previous identities and relationships that lead to who we are today. An experience in a past life may dictate the decisions you make today – even though you have no conscious recollection of a past life.

How is that possible?

Your subconscious mind is like a giant filing cabinet. It stores every experience you have ever had – in any life, big or small. Every time you live a new life, those experiences are carried with you.

In a past life regression, also known as a P.L.R., you are guided into hypnosis and go back in time. You are not asleep; instead, it’s more like a dream state. During your session, you will travel back to your prior lives, and, as you do, you will describe your experiences out loud. By re-experiencing your past and becoming reacquainted with what you’ve gone through, you can accept it – and make changes in your current life.

During the regression, you may discover experiences that directly correlate to your current behavior. For example, if you discovered that your husband in a past life cheated on you, it would explain why you are afraid to trust men now – and why you feel like you are sabotaging relationships before you have a chance to get hurt again.

But if you re-live the experience in past life therapy, your subconscious mind can realize that your husband may have been a cheater – but that doesn’t mean that all men cheat. Being in a serious relationship does not mean that you will automatically get cheated on again, so there is no reason to have your guard up.

Regression therapy is designed to resolve issues at their core, so that you can have long-term behavioral changes. After all, if you are being held back by unresolved experiences in your prior lives, you will never have the healthy, positive life that you want.

If you can have a better understanding of yourself – by learning about what has happened to you, and how those experiences are carrying over – it can lead to a lifetime of healthier thoughts and actions. Regression therapy can help with all sorts of issues, like drug dependency, phobias, and even weight or intimacy challenges.

You cannot look forward without looking back. If you want to break the habits and patterns that are making you unhappy, you can do it with a past life regression.


Eli Bliliuos is the founder of The New York Hypnosis Institute. He specializes in Past Life and Life in Between Lives Regression.

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