Are You an Abusive Partner?


There are some individuals who are unable to control their emotions and their behavior. Some people act on impulse and they are usually unaware that their actions hurt others. These people can become abusive without even knowing about it. They usually try to justify their behavior as signs of love or concern for their partner. Unfortunately, their behavior might become more severe to the point that they are unable to control their actions. If you are wondering whether you are an abusive partner, you can consider these signs in evaluating your personality.

Jealousy: It is normal to be jealous, especially when you know that you lack in some areas. However, jealousy can become destructive. Here are a few signs of jealousy:


  • Are you always worried that your partner is with another person?
  • Do you frequently call him/her during the day?
  • Do you drop by at their place unexpectedly to try to catch him/her with another person?
  • Do you check their mobile phones to see who they are talking to?


If you find yourself doing these things and more, it is time to step back. Remember that jealousy is not a proof of love. In fact, it only shows your insecurity and possessiveness.

Control: You might feel too concerned for your partner’s safety that you want to be made aware of their every move. For instance, you may feel angry or upset whenever he/she comes home late from visiting friends or from work. You may want to constantly know where they are or who they’re with. You have to understand that being concerned about another person’s welfare is normal; however, trying to control their every move is unhealthy.

Isolation: If you find yourself so jealous over whom your partner interacts with that you want to isolate him/her, then that is a sign that you are crossing the boundaries. You may try to prevent your partner from spending time with his/her friends or family. There might be times that you stop them from interacting with people who you think are trying to put a wedge between you. All of these are unhealthy in a relationship, and it is also unhealthy for your mental health.

Violent Behavior: Are you easily angered by small issues? Do you find yourself wanting to hurt your partner to make them feel your pain? Have you found yourself almost hitting your partner in the heat of an argument? If so, it is time to seek help. Violent behavior can lead to devastating consequences for you and your partner. You may end up hurting your partner and you might find yourself in jail.

These are just a few signs of an abusive personality. If you observe any or all of these signs in your behavior, you should seek help. You can look for professional help to address your behavioral and personality problems. Immediately address such negative behaviors before you suffer from any of its consequences.

This post is written by an author who writes about domestic violence in Spokane. She advises her readers to start evaluating whether they are being abusive and to seek help before they do something irrevocable and are charged with domestic violence.

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