On the Importance of Consistency

From The Curvy Roadrunner.
Because.. the secret to change – is change – wishing everyone a beautiful day – S

Find Your "Fit"

Whatever your goals in life…be they professional or personal…the key to getting what it is you seek is to be consistent in your efforts. When it comes to losing weight, that same consistency or lack there of, will be the determining factor in how much progress you make. I’m a prime example of that myself. When I first started my weight loss journey, I was rather consistent in my eating and definitely in my exercise regimen. After awhile that same consistency in effort became a habit of sorts and the pounds began to melt off. Fast forward a little more than 3 years later and I’m about 50 lbs lighter than I was…BUT in truth that same consistency has lacked off, resulting in a stalemate of sorts. A week of resting from working out won’t kill your weight-loss progress…but a week or two of poor eating can wreak HAVOC on…

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