Changing the Movie of Your Love Life


Have you ever wondered why it is so easy for others to be in a relationship and you struggle so much in dating? Are you familiar with the feeling of being left out of your friends’ coupled dinners and feeling the ache of loneliness every Valentine’s Day wondering when it was going to be your turn? Most singles feel helpless in their pursuit of love, waiting for timing and fate to bring to them the love that they seek. Not many people realize that everything in their life is a reflection of their own subconscious programming. Just a simple shift in your inner mind can change your experience in relationships almost instantly.

Your subconscious mind is the part of the mind that you are not aware of, working on the back-end of your conscious awareness to create your life. Allow yourself to imagine how a movie is projected onto a screen. The light of the projector flows through the film strip and creates a movie. Your reality in life is very similar. Everyone has an amazing light within like the light of the projector. Your light contains infinite possibilities or your divine nature. Your subconscious mind is like a film strip that contains all of your past programming (belief systems, memories, habits and fears, etc). As your divine light shines through the film of your subconscious, you see the movie or reality of your life. The interesting part of all of this is that we only see the movie or the result of our past programming.

Most people look at their life’s movie as what is and what always will be true for them. They do not know that the movie is just a result of the past and that they have the power to change the movie of their life. Sadly, many people will continue to live on autopilot based on old beliefs left-over from childhood because they do not have the information they need to change their destiny. They try to change situations in the movie but still have the same results. For example, some women say they want a relationship and keep attracting men that are non-committal. They try to analyze their life but it does not change the movie. If they would only change the film’s quality (subconscious) to reflect a happy, committed relationship, they would easily attract that relationship.

How do you change your subconscious? The easiest way to change the film of your subconscious programming is through self-hypnosis. Just a simple, light relaxation opens to door to the editing room of your mind and you can rewrite the film script of your life. Most single people make the mistake of continuing to focus on being alone and miserable instead of imagining themselves in a happy relationship. By visualizing yourself in a happy relationship and flooding your mind with beliefs that you are confident and lovable through self-hypnosis, your film strip is rewritten and a new love story unfolds in your life’s movie. The important thing to realize is that it will not appear until you truly believe it as you are visualizing and feeling how it would feel to be completely loved. Visualization only works when you engage the feeling of the wish fulfilled.

This may sound too good to be true, but sometimes the easiest solution is the one that works. I struggled with being single my entire adult life. I devoured every self-help book on relationships I could find and dove into every personal growth workshop that crossed my path, but still repeated the same patterns. It was not until I changed by subconscious through self-hypnosis that I was able to shift my dating patterns and attract the love of my life. I am now in a loving, committed relationship and feel more attractive and confident than I ever did in my twenties. As a clinical hypnotherapist, I have helped hundreds of people change their subconscious mind to attract a better quality of life.

Now you know the real secret. Are you ready to change your love life from a tragedy to a romance? You have the power inside of you to create change in your life. Visualize yourself loved and adored, get out the popcorn and watch the best movie of your life unfold.


Debra Berndt is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Dating Expert, Author, Speaker, Coach and the creator of Attract Love Today™ – a self-hypnosis system to attract true love. Berndt is a regular guest on Denver’s Channel 7 News and a contributor to Denver’s Lifestyles magazines. Berndt has been interviewed on radio stations internationally and spoken at conferences across the United States promoting the power of the subconscious and benefits of self-hypnosis. Berndt’s online store is the fastest growing provider of self-hypnosis products on the web. Visit her dating advice site at


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