Hand Guide For Signs Of An Abusive Partner


Though there are hundreds of signs of abuse there are signs to look for early. If you recognize these signs take them seriously and end the relationship. It may be painful but not as painful as it will become by becoming a victim of domestic violence.

Signs to Look For

1. Excessive jealousy is a strong warning. Though we all display a little jealousy from time to time it is not normal for a partner to be jealous of your every move.

2. Controlling behavior. If you find yourself with a partner who tries to control who you talk to, what you wear, where you go or questions what you did all day get out quickly.

3. A partner who ridicules you, tells you that you are stupid, fat or ugly or tells your friends embarrassing things about you is a sure sign of someone that will become more abusive as time goes by.

4. If a situation begins playfully and your partner begins to shove, push, bite or hit, though they say they are only playing this is a huge red flag.

5. If your partner exhibits a change in personality, becoming argumentative or ridiculing you when they have a couple of drinks, run as fast as you can. This person will become violent and could possibly kill you.

6. Partners that do something that hurts you, whether it be physical, emotional or sexual then tell you how sorry they are will continue this pattern and it will get a little worse each time.

7. If you have a partner that does things they know scare you and refuse to stop is abusive and the pattern will continue and worsen as time goes by.

8. Partners that believe they are always right will take your confidence away from you resulting in low self esteem, feelings of inadequacy and loss of being your own person

9. Unprovoked yelling or badgering over the smallest thing should tip you off to an abusive personality.

10. A partner with an addictive personality more likely than not will be abusive.

Though there are hundreds of signs of an abusive personality these 10 will help you recognize if a partner has a violent personality. Using these signs will help you avoid being a victim of Domestic Violence.

As always I will say it is easier to get out now. Do not wait until there are children involved who do not need to suffer from unwise decisions.


Cheryl C McNeil is a life coach, along with the staff at [http://www.liveyourlifebydesign.com], will guide you to success in many areas of your life. The website is nowhere near complete but take a sneak peek and check for completion by the end of April 2008.

Trained at the beginning of her career by Ellie Drake and Jack Canfield , Cheryl and the staff at LYLBD have your success in mind. Cheryl is a stay at home mom, grandmother actually, as she is raising 3 of her 8 grandchildren. Having the time freedom to spend time with her family is what she enjoys most in her life.

With plans to open a shelter for abused women in 2008 in her hometown Cheryl will achieve a dream and a goal she has been laying the groundwork for the past two years.

There will be a book coming soon about her struggle with breaking the cycle of living in domestic violence and how she did it. Moving on 20+ years ago from this terrifying life she has gone on to achieve a great marriage, raise her grandchildren and living her life with an Attitude of Gratitude.


Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Cheryl_C_Mcneil

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