Hypnosis For Panic, Anxiety and Fear


For many the thought of being hypnotized is something that causes fear. What most are fearful of is of being controlled by the hypnotist. In this article you will learn more about what hypnosis can and can’t do.

Although hypnosis can help people to achieve almost magical results, hypnosis itself isn’t magical. And, no hypnotist no matter how well trained can make you do anything that is in conflict with your values. If you would never want to do something in a conscious state, you will NOT do it in a hypnotic trance. When you see a stage hypnotist having people act silly, these are people who enjoy being the center of attraction, or would even,in a conscious state be willing to do the things the hypnotist suggests. The reason why they sometimes seem to “perform” even better that they would normally, is that they are more open to their own potential when in a hypnotic state.

Why would a person want to use hypnosis for anxiety, panic or stress relief? One reason is that hypnosis works quickly, even with long standing issues. You might wonder how hypnosis helps? Well, hypnosis helps you to go into an inner directed state, also called a trance state. The trance state enables you to gain access to you own very powerful unconscious mind, and all of the resources and information held there..

Since I specialize in helping people with anxiety, panic, and phobias and most of these people do not want to feel out of control. I use a special type of hypnosis where my clients can be in total control, even when in a “trance” state. Even while awake and aware a person can use self-hypnotic techniques to get to the very root where the patterns of reacting with anxiety and panic, are stored.

You might be wondering why it is important to use a trance state. For most people, the programs that determine our reactions to life are set up before the age of 6. Since we as adults have gained more information since the age of 6, it is worthwhile to be able to access and correct programs that aren’t working anymore. In order to do this, hypnosis is used to develop an inner directed or trance state.

If you have the desire you can learn use self-hypnotic techniques to get into a trance state. The easiest way to start, is to change your breathing pattern. Once you learn the easy breathing pattern, you can practice it and notice how it helps you to shift effortlessly into a trance state.


To receive the instructions to change your breathing Pattern go to http://www.anxietycontrolcenter.com You can watch the video or get the written directions. If you would you like to have the opportunity to be coached by one of the top hypnotherapist at the Anxiety Control Center check out the information also included at this site.

Audrey Sussman, PhD, LCSW, LMHC, NBCCH is a hypnotherapist with offices in Cherry Hill, NJ and NYC. She specializes in panic, anxiety, IBS and Migraine relief using the Transformation System which combines Cognitive/Behavioral therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming with two types of Hypnosis.


Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Audrey_Sussman_PhD

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