Out Of Body Experience – How To Have One

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When most people think about an out of body experience, how to actually achieve one is perhaps the most pressing question. A lot of folks have felt the sensations of separating from their body and floating above their physical body. Or maybe you’ve perceived that you were observing your body from afar. Truth is, approximately 20% of people have had some sort of experience like this.

But even if you’ve actually had an out of body experience, how to do it at will is a completely different matter. While some people recollect having such an experience, still others are likely to have had it without even remembering. Some people so quickly move in and out of sleep that the phenomenon does not really register. Plus, the episodes can be really brief as well. So, what often happens is that you are quickly drawn back into your physical body before even realizing what has happened.

Next, we also ought to distinguish between the “what” and the “why.” You see, when it comes to the out of body experience, how to accomplish it is not as significant as “why.” Or at least this is true of some people. The upshot is that, when people are sufficiently motivated to have an out of body experience because of what they benefit from it, then actually getting to that point becomes easier. For instance, people who have been experiencing illness or notable levels of stress report that they can “travel” and reach a spiritual high or great positive emotions. In these cases, astral projection represents a form of healing for what ails them.

By contrast, keep in mind that not everyone has similar experiences. Some do not even report such a positive experience. Some people have “returned” with a feeling of trepidation or great anxiety. Other variations include the way ways that people arrive at the state of travel. In some cases, people can get there by way of meditation, hypnosis, or trance. There are people who reach the condition through hypnopompic dreams. As we know, people report these types of experiences upon having near death experiences. And then there are those who achieve the state through phychoactive drugs.

While no brief writing can be a complete out of body experience “how to” resource guide, there are a few useful tidbits I at least want to share today. Please bear in mind that setting yourself up in a very comfortable environment will be critical to reaching the level of relaxation that you’ll need. Without ample relaxation, you’ll likely never accomplish the “vibrations” that are characteristic of an astral projection. First, get the temperature just right in the room. Second, remove any clothing or jewelry that is uncomfortable or distracting. Third, while relaxing, be sure to breathe through your mouth.

In addition to relaxation, and the three tips I shared to help you get there, there’s one other thing I want to stress to you. This next nugget of advice is concentration. The hypnagogic state that you’ll want to target generally occurs right before sleep begins. Of course, this is when you lose touch with your senses anyway. So, you need to concentrate intently and focus on reaching the vibrations that you detect in your head. As you do, you should feel your body enter into the rhythm as well. As you are close to departing your physical body, you can elevate above your body by contemplating the notion of weightlessness as you levitate higher and higher.

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