“I’m So Lonely” – A Past Life Regression Story

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“I’m So Lonely” – A Past Life Regression Story

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Expert Author Orly A. Arava

“I’m so lonely,” said Lisa, a young artist who came to see me for a past life discovery session. “I find it extremely hard to connect and bond with people. My relationships are very shallow and meaningless,” she told me. She was a twenty-year-old, single, highly verbal, good looking, depressed and friendless woman.

“I feel all alone in the world, as if there’s no point living. A big dark cloud is hanging over my head” she quietly explained. In other areas of her life she says she’s “rather pessimistic” and “doesn’t give a chance” to others.

I explained that in order for us to feel peace and harmony, we have to balance our traits. A trait can be balanced, excessive, or lacking. Feeling sad, upset, or hurt is an indication of a latent, unbalanced trait.

We decided to delve into the source of her loneliness, using past life regression. I asked her to lie down and inhale relaxing, white light. Under hypnosis, I guided her down a flight of stairs where she opened a door to see her former incarnation.

“I’m alone in a forest. I’m only six years old” she said. “What are you doing?” I asked. “Looking for food” she replied. “Where are your parents?” I asked, venting my curiosity. “Gone,” Was her quick answer. “What are you wearing?” I inquired, leaving the parents alone for the meantime. “Some kind of leather outfit. I’m barefoot” Lisa continued. “Can you tell me what year is it and what country?” I probed. “Somewhere in Europe, a long time ago,” was Lisa’s answer. “Okay, let’s go back in time to find out why you were left alone in the forest, all by yourself” I said softly.

Lisa took a deep and healthy breath, letting everything rise to the surface. “Well, we’re in a big cave, me and the whole tribe. Kids run around, there’s a bonfire in the middle. The women are making food while drumming and dancing. It’s some kind of a celebration,” she said excitedly.

“Wow, the fire! Everything is on fire! The fur rugs are burning!, there’s an awful smoke! There’s fire everywhere! I’m fleeing out of the cave to the woods. I hide inside a bush and fall asleep. I wake up the next day and rush back to the cave. Everything is burned down and everyone is gone. There’s no one in the forest either. I’m all by myself!” she panicked. “I go back inside and cry. I feel miserable, abandoned, and so lonely!” She kept sobbing.

“Let’s take a deep, calming breath. Remember, it’s only an old movie, a previous existence” I said, soothing her. “I live by myself in the forest, bonding with the animals, and at the age of eighteen – I quit. Pneumonia.” She replied in a terse manner. I asked Lisa what conclusions she drew from her past life that may have been limiting her in the current life.

“Well, I’m very cautious with people, I’m afraid I might lose them again,” she replied. I asked which traits she needs to develop in order to overcome the gnawing loneliness. “Trust life, open my heart and be more optimistic” she summarized with great clarity.

Lisa’s case is interesting. At first glance, loneliness seemed to be the issue. However, loneliness is an outcome, not a trait. When we examine the situation more closely, we realized that the reasons for her loneliness were mistrust and pessimism. With such an attitude, it’s not surprising that Lisa had trouble connecting with people, always seeing the worst possible scenarios.

By clearing the trauma from her past life and implementing an optimistic outlook, Lisa chose inner healing and setting herself free of her all-encompassing loneliness.

I got an e-mail about six months later. Lisa told me she’s dating a cute guy, joined some social groups and made friends with the neighbors. More power to you, Lisa!

Orly Arava is a spiritual life coach. She is an experienced Past Life therapist, Reiki master and a Hypnotist specializing in Past Life Discovery. Orly Arava has been helping people to explore their past lives and gain New Life Perspective.
For your FREE Past Life Discovery consultation contact Orly at her website: http://PastLifeDiscovery.com/

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