Four Ways to Improve Your Sex Life With Hypnosis


Hypnosis — could it be the “little blue pill” for your mind? The majority of sexual performance issues for both men and women are psychological. It has been said that the biggest sexual organ in the human body is the one between your ears–your brain! There are many reasons for performance and enjoyment issues, including lack of self confidence, body image issues, simple boredom, and performance anxiety. All of these can be resolved with hypnosis.

Improve your self confidence to improve your love life.

Hypnosis can improve your sexual performance and enjoyment by boosting your sexual confidence. Better self-confidence leads to better performance, and causes you to let go of inhibitions that can prevent you from pleasing yourself and your partner to the fullest. In short, hypnosis can be used to create more confidence and eliminate fears and insecurities, which results in better, stronger sexual performance and more enjoyment for both partners.

Resolve body image issues to reduce your inhibitions.

People with poor body image often find it incredibly difficult to release their inhibitions, which causes obvious problems when it comes to sexual fulfillment. A woman or man, who feels inhibited cannot allow themselves the pleasure they desire and deserve. This reduces the quality of the sexual experience for both partners. Hypnosis is a very effective therapy for resolving body image issues. The process includes discovering and eliminating the cause of the poor body image and replacing it at the subconscious level with a positive, healthy body image, and removing the inhibitions that were present.

Conquer boredom, that enemy of the bedroom!

Spice it up! Hypnosis can be used to bring your mind to a place where curiosity is enhanced, and where you are willing to try new things.

Eliminate male performance anxiety for good.

Hypnosis can be used to resolve performance issues such as occasional impotence or stamina problems. Occasional sexual performance problems create stress, which then creates further performance issues. What happens is this: the first time a man has a problem, it may be for good physical reason–he has a cold, or it has been a very long day, he is overly stressed at work, and so on. Then a vicious psychological pattern begins, as the man thinks, “What if this happens again?” And in this way, the impotence becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.

The cycle looks like this:
o The memory of the first episode creates stress in the man’s mind.
o That stress causes the man to run through visions of failing again. Essentially, the man is hypnotizing himself to fail.
o The focus on failure causes the man to consciously THINK about getting an erection, which is the opposite of what needs to happen, since you cannot FORCE an erection. This causes more stress and therefore another episode of impotence.

The solution to occasional impotence, therefore, lies in lowering the stress and anxiety associated with the first episode of impotence, and in reinforcing the man’s self image of being able to have erections and perform well. This is accomplished very easily through hypnosis, and puts the subconscious mind back in control of achieving an erection.

As long as medical reasons for sexual performance issues have been ruled out, hypnosis is a great solution. And hypnosis is a drug-free solution with no adverse side effects. Before you start putting more pharmaceuticals in your body, give hypnosis a try first!

Cindy Locher, C.Ht. is a Clinical Hypnotherapist in Minnesota, USA. She specializes in sexual issues, the elimination of anxiety and panic disorders, symptoms of depression, smoking cessation and weight loss. Contact Cindy through her website at

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