Common Factors Between Laughter and Sex


Though completely unrelated, it turns out that sex and laughter have many things in common. The article below takes an interesting and inside look into the factors that are common between sex and laughter.

Both are relaxing

Both laughter and sex are accompanied by complex biochemical reactions which lower the levels of stress-causing hormones such as cortisone and adrenaline. In addition, both activities help to increase endorphins, which get you high and strengthen your immune system. Besides, endorphins help to ease pain including pain experienced during headaches, arthritis and even migraine. Women experience an increase in oestrogen levels during sex, which prevents PMS syndrome.

Both work as an exercise machine

The effect of laughter, sex and physical exercises are almost similar on your health. All the 3 activities stimulate the release of endorphins that help to give you a feeling of well-being. We use about 80 muscles to laugh with more pressure on abdominal muscles, which supports intestinal tract health. Though this theory does not say that we can replace exercise with laughter but it does suggest that laughter can enhance the effect of exercise. While during passionate sex, our body burns 200 calories. We burn the same number of calories by running for 15 minutes. Likewise, the heart rate of sexually excited person jumps from 70 to 150. The same happens when you work out in a gym.

Both boost the brain

When we laugh, our facial muscles contract and relax alternatively. The activity of the facial muscles helps to improve blood supply to the brain. This enhances our mental capacity; we get fresh ideas and are able to make decisions quickly. Latest studies showed that sex has the same effect. Orgasm helps to improve IQ levels in women.

Both protect you from common cold

Studies show that both laughter and sex helps to improve the immune system. For this reason, laughter club members rarely suffer from flu and colds. Laughing activates so-called killer cells regulated by our immune system. A similar effect on immune system is brought about by regular sexual activity. People who have moderate sexual activity (have sex 1-2 times a week) have 30% higher levels of antibodies called immunoglobulin A as compared to people who have sex less frequently.

Phases of sex and laughter

Extensive studies have been conducted on female laughter. Scientists have discovered that in female brain the same zones are excited during sex and laughter. Perhaps this explains many women experience an increased sexual desire when they laugh. Here’s an interesting similarity discovered by researchers between the various phases of laughter and the different sexual excitement phases. Men, who laugh differently, may not enjoy these phases.

– The prelude

Like in the case of sex prelude, during the first phase of laughter, our neck, arms and breast blush and body temperature is increased

– The intercourse

Just like what women experience during orgasm, in the next phase of laughter, facial muscles strain by themselves and the skin becomes more sensitive. Women start breathing quickly and unevenly. Following this, their eyes become wet and they close them.

– Post-orgasmic phase

Finally, when women stop laughter, their muscles relax, body temperature and breathing normalize and blushed skin goes away. The effects are similar to what women experience once the sexual activity is complete. This explains why some women enjoy orgasm-like pleasure when they have a good laughter.

Humour helps to strengthen the marriage

Sex experts encourage laughter during sex, provided you are not making fun of your partner. Laughter, jokes and a playful mood helps to keep the spark alive in sexual relationships and keep boredom at bay. However, excess of laughter should be avoided as it can leave you less passionate during sex. It has been observed that women often feel exhausted for some time after good belly laugh just the same way as they feel after orgasm.

Besides, sex experts opine that couples who have a positive and relaxing attitude to sex significantly increase their chances to achieve orgasm. Such couples will have a stronger, happier and emotionally satisfying relationship. Partners in such blissful relationships would not feel the need to seek love outside marriage.


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