Hypnotherapy for Sports Performance – Getting the Winning Edge


Adversity causes some men to break, and others to break records.

– Anonymous

Sports have been around for centuries; the Greeks, the Romans, the Egyptians and the Indians have all had a history of sports in their culture. Humans as a species love to play, and revel in watching others rough it out through a good game. Why else would football be a religion in countries across the world? Why would Tennis and Cricket take over the imagination of an entire continent? Why would baseball and basketball take America by storm? Sport as well as sportsmen and women have always been revered by the people, some like Pele, and Sir Don Bradman went on to become icons to the coming generations. But ever wondered how they managed to keep up their top class performance all along? Today, we know that sportspeople go through a variety of training and coaching to be on top of their game; but not many would be aware that hypnotherapy for sports performance is widely used by players and coaches all across. From individual players to entire teams, people have been seeking focus through hypnotherapy, and today it is possible to access hypnotherapy in High Wycombe and Buckinghamshire.

Hypnotherapy is all about being calm and relaxed. It works on the principle of auto suggestion, and can help reinforce our confidence in ourselves. It also effectively increases our concentration levels and helps us focus on things singularly. Hypnotherapy is about relieving stress through visualizations and relaxing techniques. So, why hypnotherapy for sports? The answer is simple, sports is all about being on top, to be free of all distractions so as to single mindedly chase the goal; the goal being winning. Hypnotherapy helps sportspeople improve their performance on three counts. First it helps them relax and calm their senses even while being in the middle of a game; by being calm and free of stress one can think clearly. Secondly, it helps a player focus undivided attention on the goal; if one has greater concentration one can chase the target home. Thirdly, it helps them in anticipating strokes and right moves before a game, through the help of visualization.

Hypnotherapy through Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and other relaxing techniques helps players be in a constant “in-form” state. Every player experiences phases in their careers, when they are either on top of the game or just can’t seem to get anything right in their game. These are ups and downs in each player’s life; however through hypnotherapy for sports performance one can maintain this state of control and form. Through visualizations, the perfect move can be broken into individual parts. Let’s say for a tennis player the visualizations of a perfect serve or backhand can be repeated over and over in the mind – movement of muscles, incline of the hand, turn of the wrist et al. Similarly in a game like basketball or baseball, one can anticipate the opponent’s every move and thus come up with a strategy. Hypnotherapy lets players and teams strategise well in advance, and to perfect their game through constant repetition and auto suggestion.

Though it is not widely known, a lot of players and teams have their own hypnotherapists who they consult before every big game. It is said that in the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne, the Russian team had no less than 11 hypnotherapist travel with them; similarly captain of the English cricket team Mike Brearly, had a medical hypnotherapist give him medical advice on the Australia tour.

Hypnotherapy is a great way of getting the winning edge. It helps you hone your skills and techniques, it helps you focus and avoid distractions; it helps you strategize and pre-empt the moves of the team you are playing against. It helps you overcome mental barriers and doubts, through the power of positive thinking. The effects are visible and fast, and what’s more it’s possible to gain access to hypnotherapy in High Wycombe and Buckinghamshire. So go ahead, try hypnotherapy for sports performance to be a winner all through life.

Terry Doherty is a world renowned Hypnotherapist and life coach. Find out more about his Hypnotherapy in High Wycombe practice, go to – [http://www.mind-works.com]. He is also the creator of a range of Hypnosis Downloads at [http://www.double-powered-hypnosis.com].

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