How to Recognize an Abusive Woman


Has anyone else noticed how over the last decade or so there has been an emergence of abusive women in relationships, many times this abuse goes unreported and is hardly ever talked about by the men who suffer from an abusive woman. This article is designed to help you recognize the signs of an abusive woman so that you can remove yourself from the relationship and save yourself heartache, legal troubles and all of the other negative aspects of being in a relationship with an abusive woman.

One of the first signs of an abusive woman is if she is a bully. Oftentimes the bullying woman will be at her worst in private and seemed to be great and public. If you are in a relationship with a woman that explodes if she doesn’t get her way or is unable to control you chances are you are in an abusive relationship. The woman that believes uses emotional threats, intimidation and verbal assaults to get what she wants. Remember, a woman does not need to be physically abusive toward you in order to be considered abusive. Bullying is a common sign of somebody with a narcissistic personality as it makes them feel powerful to make you feel bad. If you are in this type of relationship it’s a no-win situation and you should look at getting out.

Another powerful sign that you are in an abusive relationship is if the woman consistently has unreasonable expectations. Let’s be clear here, I’m not talking about a woman that is asking you to get a job or take out the trash. If you are in a relationship with a woman who truly has unreasonable expectations you will know it right off the bat. No matter how hard you try to make her happy, it’s never enough. This unreasonable abusive woman expects you to drop what you are doing no matter how much of an inconvenience is to you and constantly is placing demands on you that you could never achieve or fulfill. The unreasonable abusive woman is constantly saying things like “you don’t spend enough time with me,” “you never listen to me,” “you’re not romantic enough,” the list goes on and on no one will ever be enough for this type of abusive woman.

Denial or downplaying is also a common trait of an abusive woman. This is when the woman you are in a relationship with denies what has happened once you try and bring it up with her after the fact. This is possibly one of the most personally damaging things you can allow yourself to be exposed to as you eventually end up thinking that you are the one that is crazy and not her. You will find yourself questioning if things were really as bad as you remember them as she is always saying things like “I never said that”, “I didn’t do that”, “that’s not how it happened”. If you are in a relationship where both parties can’t reasonably sit down after a spirit in argument and apologize when they were out of line this is a good sign that you are in a relationship with an abusive woman.

Another thing to watch out for is getting into a relationship with a woman that is addicted to conflict. These types of women can be some of the most attractive in the first ages of dating and the hardest to discover as abusive women. When you meet them they are in the midst of some horrible situation where they themselves are the victim and you quickly become their hero saving them from this horrible situation. As time goes by you begin to learn that you are in a relationship with a woman that is addicted to chaos and conflict and brings drama into every aspect of her life. You quickly go from being her knight in shining armor to the cause of all her problems and woes in life.


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