Close the Deal With Conversational Hypnosis!


Closing the deal is a major concern for everyone who is in sales. Whole books have been written about how to close the deal, and every sales book, sales seminar and sales training includes material on this all-important step in the sales process. If you are in sales, you doubtless already know a lot about it. How would you like to have a super-powerful arsenal of tools to add to your existing skills that will massively increase your effectiveness? Well, Conversational Hypnosis can be that arsenal for you, if you just keep reading.

See yourself sitting across the table from your prospective client and saying:

“You’ve been explaining what you need, and I’ve told you how we’ve helped other clients, and we’ve looked at possible solutions, so you’re probably wondering how soon we can get our team in here and making a difference for you.”

How killer is that! I probably don’t even need to break it down for you in order for you to get it on a gut level, but let’s just take a look at it. To begin with, threes are magic. For some reason, the human mind likes things that come in threes, and when it comes to speech, we are used to hearing a three-part set-up that leads to a satisfying or desirable conclusion. So here you’ve re-capped your conversation with your client by listing three things that you’ve covered together, and you cap it off with your desired result, phrased in an incredibly artful way.

“You’re probably wondering …” Well, maybe he is, and maybe he isn’t, but in either case he can’t help wondering whether he is wondering, and when he does that he’s already past any resistance he might have had, because you said “probably” which is speculative, not coercive.

Then, check this out: “how soon” completely bypasses the issue of whether or not he’s decided to say Yes to you, and employs what hypnotists refer to as “presupposition” to convince the subconscious mind that what you’re referring to is a fait accompli — before it actually is. Because you have first “paced” — or matched — your client’s experience with those magic three true statements, and then mildly and artfully phrased your desired outcome, he is right there with you! Assuming that you’ve created a cordial environment and you’ve covered all your bases, this is a very effective way to close the deal — by assuming that it’s already closed!

Just imagine how easy it will be for you to close the deal once you have this and other powerful Conversational Hypnosis patterns ingrained into your normal thinking and speech patterns. So get out there and close the deal!


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