What Is Life Coaching and What Can It Do For You?


Quite often, you may find yourself doubting a magnificent and brilliant vision you would like to manifest for yourself, your friends and family and the larger human community but you lack self belief. You find all the reasons to back your disbelief in your own ability. In doing so, you immerse yourself into a virtual world of incapacity, stay in there and suppress your natural brilliance. Fortunately for you, be delighted to know, you are not alone!

How congruent are you? Underperformance is usually a result of internal conflicts arising at two levels. On the one hand, there are interferences between the goals you seek to realise and your values. On the other hand, there is discord between your beliefs and values. Personal Coaching shines light into these conflicts and as a result, the client has an enhanced self-awareness. Thus, as a client, you are encouraged to generate and take on new beliefs that support your values and vision; so achievement of your objectives is accelerated. Accordingly, you are enabled with clarity; you can now enjoy alignment between your values, supportive beliefs and purposeful actions.

Life Coaching is a process. One in which the practitioner guides clients to find their own answers. While expertise in the discipline and context on which the coaching is based would be helpful, it is far from a necessity. In fact, it stops the coach from mentoring, being tempted to lead or to ask leading questions. In this way, the majority of the output comes from the client. An effective coach will easily establish enough rapport to enable the client to confide honestly. The Life coaching process identifies and then closes the gap between where you are and where you want to be. It unites ‘thinking about doing’ and ‘actually doing’. Coaching is an enlightening process.

The role of a coach is to empower and enable you. By challenging, supporting and guiding you, your coach creates opportunities through powerful questioning for you to get insights into demoting associations in your brain that you may have made and that are holding you back. The resulting effect is that you will be endowed with the ability to exercise choice on situations you previously found challenging. Your coach knows you have within and around you all the resources you need to make the difference or change you want to realise. Now you know that also. With your commitment to do whatever ethical it takes to achieve your goal, your coach and you form an inter-dependent and unstoppable team working toward a common objective. Together, you explore and design a plan of purposeful action-strategy that you choose and that you are comfortable to implement. Your coach will keep track of your progress and celebrate every little success you will have along the way. As you become aware of your confident progress, how wonderful it feels to take action, as you remain focused, the joy of seeing your dreams extends to everything else you do. You experience how much personal power you truly have, you arrive at this beautiful place you have created. You know you are naturally brilliant and you know it is just the beginning, the start of a delightful journey of self-discovery.

The biggest benefit of life coaching is accountability. Everyone is responsible for their success. Clients are made accountable for their own success; it is an amazing opportunity for them to keep up with who they are and all the creative ideas, goals, visions and desires they are constantly generating. In this light, coaching is indispensable for anyone who is seriously committed to materialise their ideas.


For more information on Evrard Makon’s view of what Life Coaching is, please visit the appropriate page on my website at: http://www.evrardmakon.com/coaching/

Evrard Makon is a Self Confidence Expert, Speaker, Trainer, Relationship and Results Coach. He helps conscious individuals, business professionals and leaders in organisations achieve their personal and professional goals while maintaining a balanced lifestyle. He is an Internationally Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Ericksonian Hypnotherapist and Certified Life and Executive Coach at Delprado Coaching.


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