Past Life Regression in Hypnosis: Karma from Past Lives


This series of articles addresses some new and powerful
applications of Past Life Regression (henceforth referred to
as PLR) therapy. In the last article we showed how past life
creative abilities can be brought forward to increase our
skills and abilities in present life. This article will
address how we can discover and change our patterns of luck by
altering patterns of karmic suffering that were generated by
the acts committed in past lives.

For centuries the advanced religions of the east and the
writings and teachings of innumerable spiritual masters have
taught that the patterns of suffering or fortune we experience
are the direct result of the “karma” (good or evil deeds) we
have accumulated in past lives. This philosophical perspective
is possibly the only way one can reconcile one’s belief in the
existence of an omnipotent creator with compassion for all
His/Her creations with the vast realms of suffering,
especially of innocent children, in our world. But for many
the word “karma” is far more than a mere philosophy. Many
clients of PLR therapy have seen horrific and often
unsolicited visions of terrible things they have done to
others. And they have seen these visions when searching in the
subconscious mind for the cause of their present life

Until recently, however, no systematic training or procedures
have been developed for finding, and solving, the negative
karma that underlies our patterns of suffering. In 1983, I
began developing this technology for the first time at a
hypnotherapy training program. Since then I have used “Overt
Acts Process”, as I call it, to address a host of problems,
from chronic and life-threatening illness also chronic
relationship problems, to patterns of repeating financial
disaster. Many of these problems have benefited greatly with
overt acts process (OAP). Here’s how it works.

The first step in OAP is to determine whether the client’s
issue is an appropriate one for this method. What we are
looking for is not anything about the client’s behavior, but
rather a consistent pattern of bad luck that has followed the
client, in most cases for years. If a client asks the question
“Why does this always happen to me?” Then OAP could give them
the answer…and stop the pattern as well!

While performing a deep induction, the hypnotherapist gives
instruction to the subconscious mind to take the client “down
to something you did long ago that is the cause of this
pattern.” In one case, a client who was continually being lied
to and betrayed by his choice of lovers discovered a past life
when he was himself a seducer and betrayer of women in
renaissance Paris. This client’s story became especially
credible when he explained that he had met two women in his
present life that astonishingly still remembered his
seduction, knew that it was in Paris, and had not forgiven

The second step is to convince the perpetrator of these crimes
to apologize to the victims of his crimes and ask for their
forgiveness. Sometimes, this is easy. A former ruler of China
was eager to apologize to his people and to his “enemies”
because he felt guilty all along about starting a pre-emptive
war of aggression against a neighboring kingdom. He had lost
the war and watched his people massacred as well. The task was
more difficult for a Viking war leader who, far from being
remorseful for his murder and rape, was proud of his exploits,
and expected his heroic feats of war to be sung by the bards
for a thousand years. A number of methods can be employed by
the therapist to solicit repentance from these individuals,
however, including an angry confrontation with the client’s
present self, a victim of numerous rapes and sexual abuse.
While not always easy, such repentance must be solicited
before we can complete the process.

The next step is for this overt actor to listen carefully to
his victims. Do they forgive him? Sometimes when he explains
to these abuse victims the faulty and evil programming he
endured since childhood, they begin to understand. Sometimes
the perpetrator sheds genuine tears of remorse. Sometimes the
client can explain about the heaps of suffering already
endured for many lifetimes, including the present one. In many
cases this testimony is enough to solicit forgiveness. But
many times it isn’t. A client may need in these cases to ask
the victims of their crime, or their own higher self, to give
them some real acts of atonement that they must complete in
the present that will mitigate their karmic debt. A client who
had raped many women as a Christian crusader in the holy land
was told to volunteer at a rape crisis clinic as atonement for
his misdeeds, so that he could finally achieve a satisfying
relationship with a woman.

If the client receives this atonement, it must be done. I do
not believe that overt acts can be cleared in all cases
without actually making amends, either directly to those we
have hurt or to others in the world. On the other hand, I
believe it far better to perform works of kindness with a
repentant heart than it is to suffer victimization over and
over for our misdeeds. Of course it is our own choice whether
conscious or subconscious to continue to suffer karmic
patterns of suffering or to learn the lessons of love which
our higher self is trying to teach us.

The final step in the process is to move toward self
forgiveness. This may not be as easy as it sounds. I find most
people are harder on themselves than they are on others. The
self-forgiveness process begins by asking the present self of
the client “Do you forgive yourself for what you have done?”
If the answer is no then the present self is encouraged to
express aloud all of their rage against this perpetrator. Then
they become the perpetrator and again express their remorse
and the terrible circumstances that led them to pursue this
wickedness. In time, this dialogue eventually leads to
self-forgiveness. This step is a critical part of recovery.

The results? Although the mechanisms behind the changing of
ones karmic patterns may be difficult to trace without belief
in some form of divine justice, the results I’ve seen have
often been amazing. Poverty can turn into opportunity; abusive
relationships are replaced by safe and loving family. I’ve
seen all this and more. Is there a pattern of bad luck in your
life you would like to change? Are you willing to learn the
lesson there so you can move on?

Sometimes we find ourselves in a very uniquely painful
relationship, a love/hate bond perhaps in which we can’t live
with them, and can’t live without them. If you are suffering
in such a relationship now, in our next article you’ll learn
what to do to free yourself from this painful obsession as we
examine past life contracts.

Copyright © 2005 By David Quigley, CHT


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