Cancer and Hypnosis – Is it Total Garbage?


I’ll be honest, quack doctors and the placebo effect. Those were my thoughts the first time I heard of hypnosis therapy for cancer patients. After digging a little, I have found that hypnosis research for cancer patients can, indeed, be effective and that the claim is backed by the American Cancer Society as a form of alternative Treatment.

Hypnosis does not cure cancer. I am not making that statement, neither is any of the research, and neither is The American Cancer Society.

However, what hypnosis does is help cancer patients through treatments. Hypnosis does not mean that you are unconscious and completely unaware of what is going on around you. During chemotherapy, most patients experience extreme vomiting. Hypnosis before the initial chemo treatment can help patients prevent reoccurring vomiting throughout the rest of their treatment.

The hypnosis research for cancer patients has suggested that hypnosis is beneficial as a form of alternative therapy. Rather than thinking of quacks and gimmicks, I have started to look at hypnosis as a form of meditation. Hypnosis creates deep relaxation. Deep relaxation helps maintain a sense of calm; reducing stress, reducing anxiety, and creating a sense of peacefulness and well being.

All of the studies done in the scientific and medical communities suggest this relaxation is key to helping effective cancer treatments.

Hypnosis can also be used to help manage and reduce pain caused by cancer. This can be used alone or in addition to standard pain management practices. Cancer and its treatment puts tremendous strain on a body and using hypnosis instead of heavy pain medication may be beneficial for your body. However, it is not recommended for patients to use hypnosis alone and any alternative treatment options should be discussed with your doctor.

Hypnosis is an alternative option for people with cancer. It can help reduce side effects of the harsh mainstream treatments when used in addition to those treatments. Some people prefer and alternative approach to health and wellness and hypnosis is a realistic, affordable option.

Hypnosis can also empower a person by enabling them to take an active role in treatment. It is difficult to go through any type of treatment or therapy and feel like there is nothing you can do to help your body heal. Hypnosis offers a way for a person to be involved. Hypnosis does not have side effects either. In addition to helping a person maintain a sense of calm, it does not make you sick, dry your skin or saliva, and helps with the anxiety of mainstream treatment.

Hypnosis is a complimentary therapy to help aid in cancer treatment. If you are considering this form of therapy,you could talk with your your doctor about it. A little research for a complete understanding is always recommended before trying any form of alternative therapy.

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