Past Life Regression in Hypnosis: Clearing Past Life Contracts


In this sequence of articles we have been exploring a number
of new and effective techniques in past life regression (PLR)
therapy. These techniques, which I have developed over 25
years of specialization in PLR work, include healing trauma
from past lives, contacting creative abilities, and in our
last article, clearing the karma from past lives. Today we
will address healing troubled relationships that are the
result of past life contracts.

According to many PLR researchers, most of us maintain
relationships across a number of sequential lives. Some even
claim that souls travel in family groups in which ones father
in one life may be a son or daughter in another. Since we
often choose similar facial features from one life to another,
it’s not unusual according to this theory to meet a number of
people in our lives who in our first meeting seem strangely
familiar. This is an aspect of the familiar deja vu
experience. I recall once when I first moved to California,
seeing a stranger and having the distinct impression that I
had known her before and even been married to her. Too
embarrassed to approach her, I looked away. Minutes later she
approached me and asked where we had known each other. I said
I wasn’t sure, but I felt we had been married. She replied: “I
know!” I could give many similar examples from both my
personal and professional life. For most of us these
experiences are a mere curiosity. But for some people it is of
critical importance to discover the nature of these past
relationships. That’s because sometimes the subconscious
memories of this past history interfere with ones present
happiness within a relationship. I call these patterns “past
life contracts.”

Past life contracts are not about some legally defined
relationship with a written contract in some cosmic
courthouse. Rather, they refer to a pattern of emotional
relationship that persists across many lifetimes and affects
our present relationship with another person in a very
powerful way. One example of such a contract is the so-called
soul mate relationship. Two strangers meet. Somehow their eyes
and faces seem enormously familiar to each other. I’m not
referring to a primarily sexual attraction, though that may be
part of the equation. Usually there’s a sense of such unique
and profound familiarity that sexual attraction if it exists
seems somehow secondary to this deep sense of connection. This
relationship could be one of deep friendship, siblings,
parent-child, even business partnership, although the most
common is mates. I know a couple who met each other at a
crowded party. Both were with someone else. But when they saw
each other, they instantly knew this was “The One” they had
been searching for. They have been happily married now for
twenty years. During these years, the two of them have
explored many lives in which they were together. This type of
contract is precious and beautiful, but doesn’t usually
require PLR therapy. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

Unfortunately, very few such cosmic connections are so trouble
free. And while counseling and therapy can help many couples
and families solve their interpersonal issues, the
complications that a couple bring to their relationship from
their past lives together can rarely be healed without
addressing the past life agreements between them. However I
have observed that even most trained PLR therapists have no
training in the intricacies of this type of work.

There are three elements common to most such connections.
First: was there a sense of immediate familiarity, perhaps
even a sense of destiny when you first met each other?
Sometimes one partner picks it up right away; the other may
not get it for awhile. Second: Are you obsessing about this
person, feeling unusually needy or attached in some way, even
though your needs are not being met? I had one client who
obsessed about her ex-husband for twenty years after a
tumultuous marriage and ugly divorce, so much that she was
unable to imagine herself with another man. Not all contracts
are so crippling, but many share a similar energy. Third: Do
you find that all the therapy you do, while it is helpful in
many ways, seems to have little or no affect on this
relationship? If a client answered yes to these questions, I
know contract work will make the difference.

The steps involved in examining and changing this contract are
very complex. First we give instructions to the client`s
subconscious mind under trance to take us to the time when
this particular pattern of relationship first began. Every
contract begins with a promise made to the other person. That
promise may be a spoken one with mutual agreement or simply a
silent message we tell ourselves (Ex. “I WILL make her mine!”)

To become a Contract, this promise must be followed by years
of obsessing about the person and the promise. We examine all
of the consequences of this promise and this obsession,
sometimes across many lives, so the client can see the total
results of this promise. We then have to ask the client’s
higher self if there is any karmic debt the client owes this
other person, or some lesson from them that still needs to be
learned. If there is, we need to explore this using the karmic
deeds protocol we looked at in the previous article. If not,
we are then free to change or end the contract. The next step
is to return to the original scene of this promise and change
that promise to reflect the client’s desire to end or change
the relationship. Finally, we can ask the client’s partner in
present life if they agree to these changes. If the answer is
yes, a new relationship is possible with this other person.
But, if the answer is no, then we can and must terminate the
relationship. If termination is required, the client will
usually be surprised at how quickly and effortlessly this is

My favorite example is that of a woman who loved her husband
of five years very deeply, but couldn’t stand his personality.
Divorce seemed the logical solution, since he was absolutely
unwilling to change. But she simply couldn’t imagine leaving
him. In a PLR session, she returned to the old southern US.
There, as a young and beautiful southern belle, she fell in
love behind the barn with a handsome young black slave. In the
heat of their forbidden love she promised to love him forever.
They shared a dream of someday marrying and escaping together
from her plantation life. Reality soon closed in however. She
became pregnant, and when a black baby emerged, her father
soon guessed the culprit. My client wept as she told me that
her beloved was chased down and killed with torches, hounds,
and shotguns. She spent the rest of her life pining away for
lost love.

That evening she went home to her husband. But she couldn’t
finish telling him her story. He kept interrupting her, in
tears himself, as he remembered his own details of the
tragedy. When she told of his being killed, he laughed. “I
escaped!” he announced gleefully. “They lied to you! Years
later I returned for you, but you had married someone else.”
Tearfully she replied “Yes, but I never loved anyone but you!”

Only then could the two of them understand a peculiar ritual
they had engaged in during their typical white California
wedding. He had insisted that they both step over a broom
together “the way slaves got married in the old south.” (Both
of these people were white, and had never been to the south or
studied the south – in this life) Once these two had cried
through their pain, sharing a passionate and joyous reunion,
they realized the craziness of their adolescent dreams. Then
they could release each other freely of the marriage which had
proven so dysfunctional in 21st Century California.

This is one example of how past life contracts are seen and
dissolved. In our next article, we will explore the most
powerful past life contract of all. That’s the contract
between the client and their own higher self made before this
incarnation, the key to our soul’s purpose in this lifetime,
the preconception contract.

Copyright © 2005 By David Quigley, CHT


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