Hypnosis for Feelings of Abandonment

you-are-not-aloneFear of abandonment is a serious issue that affects people young and old, men and women. Luckily, fear of abandonment can be overcome with hypnosis.

But how do you know if hypnosis can help you?

– Are you terrified that you are going to be left all alone to deal with the trials and tribulations of life?
– Are you convinced that anyone who is close to you will simply pick up and leave one day?

If so, it can lead to real-life relationship problems. It’s a vicious cycle; you are so convinced that your loved ones are going to leave that you start acting clingy, desperate, and needy. Most people will not deal with that type of behavior for long, so they wind up leaving because of it. To you, it’s proof that your fears were justified.

As a result of their abandonment issues, many people develop a fear of intimacy or a fear of rejection. To them, trying to develop relationships is far too scary – because the other person will simply leave one day, anyway.

So, how can hypnosis help?

Fear of abandonment hypnosis, fear of rejection hypnosis, and fear of intimacy hypnosis all focus on the same thing – addressing your problem at its root.

During your hypnotherapy session, you will delve deep into your past to see if something in it is the reason for your fear. Oftentimes, an event in childhood – like a death in the family or a best friend who had to move away – is the cause.

Why would that affect you today?

Your subconscious mind keeps track of everything you have ever experienced. If those memories get exaggerated over time – or if the facts surrounding them get twisted around – it can lead to a fear of abandonment, along with rejection and intimacy issues.

In fact, your subconscious mind is so particular that something incredibly minor – like the day your mom forgot to pick you up at a friend’s house – can get blown out of proportion and cause serious abandonment issues, even if you don’t remember the specific incident!

If you can schedule a hypnosis session that addresses fear of abandonment you will likely learn what’s triggering your problem and work around it.


Hypnotherapy is designed to re-train your subconscious so that it evaluates each relationship differently. Your subconscious will learn that just because your best friend moved away when you were 5-years-old, doesn’t mean that everyone who’s close to you will eventually leave.

During a hypnosis session, you might also teach your subconscious to understand that it’s not your fault when people do have to leave. For example, if you can teach your subconscious that you were not the reason that your best friend moved away, you will no longer feel obligated to hold people close by acting clingy.

Eli Bliliuos is the founder of The New York Hypnosis Institute. He specializes in helping clients overcome the fear of the abandonment.

To learn more about hypnosis for overcoming the Fear of Abandonment, click here Hypnosis New York.

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