Are You Trying to Re-Unite With Your Ex After a Long Break? These Tips Will Speed Up the Process

82776-oIf you have recently broken up with your partner and you still love your ex, then you must be undergoing agony and trauma. Instead of moping and getting depressed, it is time to sit up and work out an action plan to reunite with your ex.

Forgive and forget – To forgive and forget is a divine attribute. If you want to reunite with your ex, then you must first develop this attribute and approach to re-initiate your relationship. As a first step, forgive yourself and get over your turbulent emotions before forgiving others.

Heal your broken heart – Come out of your shell and start healing your broken heart before you start your efforts on reuniting with your ex. A hurting mind and heart will not allow you think with clarity and move in a positive direction. If you are holding emotions such as jealousy or anger, just drop them and rejuvenate your spirit.

Look at your breakup from the right perspective – If you have made spur-of-the-moment mistakes that has hurt your ex to no end, then you must first look at your behavior and see how best you can bring your anger under control and ensure this does not repeat again.

Write down what you feel – The best way of getting rid of any negative emotions and feelings and bringing in the right perspective is to write down what you feel. Focus on the benefits of the breakup and what you have personally gained from it. This will help you move forward and calm down your turbulent emotions.

Assess your feelings for your partner – The next step before you start trying to reunite with your ex is to assess your feelings in an honest manner. Bring the incident that drove you apart into perspective and assess whether the incident is greater than your relationship itself.

Take responsibility for what happened – The greatest mistake we tend to do is to blame everything on others even if we know for certain that we are in the wrong. Admit your mistakes with courage and apologize sincerely if you want to reunite with your ex.

Handle an apology magnanimously – If, on the other hand, your partner realizes his or her mistake and apologizes, be magnanimous enough to accept the apology in a gracious manner. Never throw their apology on their faces and do not turn the episode into another argument. Be ready to forgive and forget if you sincerely want to reunite with your ex.

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