Psychic Mysteries – 3 Signs That You’ve Had a Past Life

x_6738520aThe psychic realm has always been full of unexplainable wonders. One of the most intriguing psychic concepts is the idea around the existence of past lives. Yes, it is very much possible that you have lived as someone else in another life.

The psychic sphere strongly believes that when we pass away, we do not cease to exist — it is just our physical bodies that depart this Earth, but our spirits remain (though just in a symmetrical dimension). In other words, the psychic realm will always point out that such thing as a “past life” is possible; in fact, all of us might have had past lives, but we are just completely unaware of it.

To think about it, how cool is it if you really have lived a totally different life before than what you have now? There are psychic signs that can tell you if you’ve had a past life; and these three notable things are:

1. FREQUENT DE JA VU EXPERIENCES. De Ja Vu is that phenomena in where you have that unexplainable feeling that you’ve already been somewhere or seen something before, when you actually have not. Do you have de ja vu really often? If yes, that’s one sign that you have had a past life. According to past life experts, psychics, and researchers, there will always be parts of your personality that you cannot forget; that no matter how long these experiences have passed, tidbits of these are embedded in your spiritual psychic unconscious.

2. DREAMS WITH CONFUSING PAST-LIFE RELATIONSHIP. Have you ever had dreams wherein someone you know in the present, appears in your dream as another person who is from your past? Take for example a dream in where a family member is completely a different person. Psychics believe that spiritual soul mates travel from one life time to another together — that a love interest in this life time could be a family member or someone close to you in another life.

3. UNEXPLAINABLE FEARS. Scientifically speaking, fears are brought by certain factors, one of which is that if you have had trauma over something. Do you have any unexplainable fears? Take for example; you have irrational fear of water when you are sure there’s nothing traumatic in life that has to about it. The possible reason behind that fear might be because you have had a traumatic event in your past life related to it.

These 3 psychic signs are just some of the many ways that prove that having a past life is possible. But, if you want the best way that the psychic realm can prove that the human spirit can move from one life time to another, you should consider visiting an authentic expert — a psychic medium. Psychic mediums can give you the genuine proof of the existence of past lives; in fact, a past life reading can be even given by these psychic mediums if you want to know about your past life.

Were you someone else in another life? Find out about the past lives you’ve lived with the help of America’s foremost psychic medium, Tana Hoy. Visit Tana’s website and discover what your past life holds!

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