3 Past Life Signs You DON’T Want to Ignore

online-psychic-reading-freeQ: What are the best ways to tell if I’ve lived before? Are there specific signs, or types of experiences, or deja vu sort of symbols that suggest that the “universe” is trying to tell me something?

The truth is, there are a lot of common experiences that people who study past lives, karma and spiritual growth in general will tell you are good areas to explore.

BUT… and this is important, I’m also NOT saying that simply having one of these memories is, in of itself, a sign of a past life. It could simply be a trauma, or an experience, or a weird brain blip from THIS life that you really ought to explore. (especially if it’s holding you back, or causing your trouble or trauma when trying to grow and go forward with your life.)

That said, let’s look at 3 very specific types of memories that many people who DO remember past lives later, often begin with, before they do.

1 – Unreasonable phobias with no known origin

I had a client once who was deathly afraid of frogs, for example. He knew frogs couldn’t hurt him (at least the ones in his backyard:-) and yet… would tremble and shake whenever he got close to one anyway. (a very unfortunate problem considering he had 8 year old twin sons)

Be it a phobia that revolves around a certain type of animal, or a fear that you simply can’t shake through any other ordinary means… often, these are the very best types of signs and symbols that are ripe for exploring, through the prism and perspectives of past life work.

2 – A strange (or “super”) skill you didn’t have to work, to achieve

This is very common in young children who remember past lives – artistic talent that is of a prodigy like level. Or a natural musical talent that defies explanation. I’ve personally worked with young adults who were “born gifted” at a whole range of super skills, from golf, to art, to very obscure abilities that no one in their family had ever tried. (yet… they “knew” from their earliest moments that they had to try, and were unusually skilled at from the very first day)

3 – A frenetic fascination with a hobby or activity

Lots of past life memories will manifest in obsessive fascination in this life. For example, I worked with a client who loved silent movies… and spent all of his free time collecting them and watching them till late in the night, even though he was a 22 year old semi professional athlete with the world at his fingertips.

While his friends and teammates would be out having the time of their lives, he would sit and home and watch these movies over and over again… even though he couldn’t really understand why.

The truth is, our karma often continues on with us, in an usual way, and manifests in a current incarnation in bizarre habits, rituals and patterns that don’t follow how we otherwise would (or should) live. Of course they don’t “prove” anything in of themselves, and are simply good areas to inquire when a client IS interested in the idea that a single soul can occupy many bodies.

These are often the most EXCITING areas to explore from a karmic cleaning perspective, and can often yield the most enlightening results from a spiritual standpoint as well.

Have YOU lived before?

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Danny_Fredricks


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3 Responses to 3 Past Life Signs You DON’T Want to Ignore

  1. luciddream85 says:

    I often wonder how helpful seeing someone for a Past Life Regression would be.

    • sonny says:

      Good question.. I guess it depends – if someone comes to see me for PLR – or for any kind of hypnosis really.. I like to find out if they’re just curious or actively trying to accomplish something. Either way it’s fun and often enlightening. I’d recommend a group session/party or workshop if you’re just curious. It’s cheaper and the stories from the group are often interesting. – tnx for the question ! – S

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