How To Use A Powerful Linguistic Trick To Increase Sales And Profits


When you’re selling something online, it’s tough. It’s one thing to sit in front of a client and give a sales presentation. You can read their body language, dial down your presentation if they are a bit sketchy, or pick it up if they’ve got some obvious buying temperature.

You can stop and ask for objections if it’s required, or cut the presentation short and ask for the sale if they are showing some keen interest. Doing all of this through a sales letter, either online or off, is tough. That’s why conversions via sales letters are generally much lower than in the face to face selling world.

Of course, you can make up for this by putting your text in front of far more people than any sales person could ever hope to. In the end, even though your conversions are lot lower, you’ll make a lot more sales. The potential for profits is a lot higher.

Obviously, how you present your product, the words that you use, the picture and emotions you evoke in the client’s mind will make a huge impact on how effective you are. You’ve got to amplify the benefits of your product, anticipate and overcome as many objections as possible. This is tough. Yet it’s also why the best copywriters literally make millions of dollars a year for a few hours work a week.

There’s one trick from conversational hypnosis that can help. This will be extremely useful in delivering ideas to your client’s mind without worrying about any conscious resistance. When you can bypass their conscious filters, you’ll have a lot more success.

One of these linguistic patterns is called a linguistic presupposition. This is an idea that is presented within a sentence in such a way that it is very hard to argue with.

Consider this sentence: I have a car.

Simple enough, right? But you could easily not believe me. You could easily think to yourself, “No, you don’t.”

But consider this sentence: My car is the fastest car in the world.

In this case, you wouldn’t believe me. But the part you would argue with is not whether or not I have a car, but whether or not my car is the fastest in the world. You wouldn’t even question whether or not I have a car.

OK, great, so you can convince somebody you’ve got a car. But what about selling something? One thing that will make your product more desirable is social proof. If the buyer believes that many people already own and enjoy your product, they’ll be much more likely to buy it. Let’s reconsider the above two examples.

Consider this sentence: My product is popular.

Again, this is easy to disagree with. You can simply say to yourself, “No, it’s not.”

But consider this sentence: The reason my product is so popular is because it comes with all these features that people really like.

You might disagree that people really like the features. You might disagree that it even has so many features. But you won’t likely be quick to disagree that my product is popular. It will just be accepted as true, subconsciously. And this will covertly convey the notion that my product has plenty of social proof, which is what I was after.

Try this, and see if it helps you sell more products.

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