Imagination:”The Mirror of Your Soul”


As stated in the previous article on leadership I said that they are not born but made and the greatest quality that leaders possess is that of a vivid imagination. The imagination is the starting point of all great accomplishments. Let’s see how that is; First you have a thought, then you start to organize that thought into an ideas and plans, from there you execute the plans into reality, We have to remember that the beginning was the thought in your imagination.

For me this wasn’t hard to understand in the beginning, but when I started to dig deeper and discovered the more I repeated positive self-talk to my self the more excited I was getting about everything I was working on. With that I soon started to accomplish and finish more projects than anyone else. There were some other qualities that were also being affected, my self-confidence was at an all time high, I was taking on more of a leadership role than ever before, and I started initiating processes before we even discussed them in order to stay ahead of the curve. The crazy thing was that they were all the right things to be done at the right time in the projects, that was not the old me.

These are qualities that leaders need to develop along their path to becoming a great leader. It is a fact the self-control, initiative and leadership must have been created in your imagination before they could become reality. The imagination is the workshop of the mind and it is there that the principle of auto-suggestion come into operation in creating these necessary qualities.A great method that people use to develop their imagination is to relax in a quiet place with the lights off and just let their mind just go. If you want to try it for 30 days I believe you will be amazed at the results and you will probably continue this exercise for the rest of your life.

The problem with the concept of the imagination and auto-suggestion working these qualities out in the background is that most people can’t trust them. Imagination is often regarded as an indefinite, untraceable and undesirable something that does nothing but create fiction. If your imagination is indeed the mirror of the soul, then you have every right to stand in front of that mirror and see yourself as you wish to be. Again, positive self talk is a must, Repeat this to yourself during the day and just before retiring at night. ” EVERY DAY IN EVERY WAY I AM BECOMING MORE SUCCESSFUL” You have the right to see reflected in that magic mirror what ever you want to be, do or have.

Remember that your imagination is yours “use it”, the more you use it the more efficiently it will serve you. Again, every business needs a dreamer but the dreamer also has to be a doer or be able to surround himself/herself with that someone who can and does translate the dreams into reality.

Before we leave you this time I have to caution you on how you us your imagination. See it does not understand right from wrong, it can just process everything you give it, So feed it with positive information and you will see great results.

I will end this as the title suggests “Imagination is the mirror of your soul” USE IT!

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