Creating Change: How Do You Know It’s Time For Change?


Take a look at the following descriptors:

• Anxious
• Restless
• Bored
• Frustrated
• Stuck in a rut
• Constantly angry

If you experience any of these feelings on a regular basis, it’s a big clue that you could stand a change of scenery in your life. Most of us though don’t pay attention to these types of clues until we are near a point of crisis; where the discomfort produced by these feelings is so bad that we just can’t take it any longer. The results- rash behavior (quitting a job, breaking off a relationship, getting fired) that gets us nothing more than the same feelings in the long run.

Even though, in the crisis situation, we come to recognize the need for change we aren’t really addressing the underlying issues that leave us anxious, restless, bored, frustrated, etc. Instead, we just gravitate back towards the same situations that give us the same outcomes. So, even though we make changes on the surface level we really aren’t making life transforming changes. How do we make transformative change?

For most of us, we become comfortable with the level of discomfort in our lives and we really don’t do much of anything to make change. We may have hopes and dreams but don’t really act on them or make the connection that those hopes and dreams can materialize if we clearly identify them and take action towards them.

To make a major life transformation we need to live courageously. We need to step away from our comfort, or should I say discomfort, zones. We need to identify our hopes and dreams. Put them out there in writing, and identify steps that we can take in moving forward in achieving our dream life. We need to move beyond the limiting thinking that most people engage in- the thinking that a dream is just a dream; not something that can really be achieved.

We need to connect with someone else who can provide emotional support and who can challenge us when we need it, to keep moving in the direction of our dreams. Having a cheerleader, someone who can hold our hand, or someone who has our back when we are making bold courageous steps makes the fear and anxiety of the unknown much more tolerable.

We need to have fortitude- to not give up on our dreams. If you knew you were guaranteed success, would you give up-probably not-right? In reaching for your dreams, take the approach of breaking your journey down into small baby steps. If you are constantly walking in the direction of something that you love the outcome will be incredible when you get there.

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