You Can See Greatness for Everyone Else, What About You


Do you have the syndrome of: “I can see it for everybody else, but I just can’t see it for ME? You live through other people’s dreams because it can’t possibly happen for you or to you, right? WRONG!! I can definitely speak to this because I too had this syndrome. I was one who encouraged and empowered others and told them “You can do it”. I was one of their biggest cheerleaders and then it came down to me and I couldn’t see the same success for myself. I didn’t cheer myself on at all. Sounds familiar? Isn’t it amazing though how you can see it for everyone else and don’t see it for yourself? Are you any less than they are? Don’t you deserve success and great things and people just as much as they do? So the question is: where is the roadblock? How do I overcome such a mindset?

Recognize that this is a sign of low self confidence. You might be saying, “She can’t possibly be talking about me. There “ain’t” nothing wrong with my confidence level.” My response to that is if you had high confidence, you would’ve already seen the greatness within yourself and this would never be a problem for you. In reality, a lot of women and men suffer from low self confidence. Although it is not the greatest asset, it is most common. It is nothing to be ashamed of because it is something that can be changed, but you first must acknowledge that this is the problem.

Answer this question: Why can’t you see it for yourself?” Be honest with yourself. Is it because of fear? Do you believe that it is easier to see it for someone else so you won’t have to deal with the possibility of the disappointment? Let’s face it, no one loves to be disappointed about anything especially something that they desire so badly. But we must always remember that disappointment is temporary and it within itself is an opportunity to grow and become better and improved.

Believe in yourself. Take the chance and gamble on yourself. What if you believe in yourself and works out even better than you imagined? So many times, we always think of the worst case scenario when we consider or embark upon unknown territory. Just try one time to believe in yourself and your abilities. When you do, great things are bound to happen.

Everyday is a new opportunity to improve and become better. Choose this day to start to believe in yourself and see it for YOU for once in your life. I believe in you.


JaNee’ Yeates is a confidence and purpose life coach, mentor and speaker who works with women entrepreneur & professional women to help them eliminate fear & increase their self confidence so that they can make more money, get the promotion of their dreams and live life by their design. If any of this resonates with you, visit Also, get your FREE audio download of The 5 Confidence Boosting Strategies that will Help You to Eliminate the Fear so that You can Unveil the Real YOU at


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