Past Life Regression Techniques


Past life regression techniques include different proficiencies such as hypnotic techniques and non-hypnotic techniques for recalling the past lives. When individuals approach a PLR (past life regression) therapist, the therapist may use any of the techniques in which they have obtained certification.

In certain past life regression techniques, therapists perform hypnotism on the individuals. It includes the condition in which individuals slip into altered state of mind and consciousness. In this stage, therapists take a particular subject, which is bothering individuals in their present lives. There are two techniques in hypnotism method.

Past Life Regression Technique 1:

In this method, therapists take individuals in hypnotism state as described above. However, in this method, therapists may create or set up an atmosphere so that individuals go back in their past lifetime. In this state, therapists take any particular subject and root it in the mind of individuals by giving constant prompting.

Therapists inquire about the subject in such a way that individuals reach relaxation levels. In this state of sub-consciousness, therapists try to access the past life memories.

After reaching the desired level of consciousness, the subject is then lapsed gradually to the in-utero stage wherein individuals recall flashes of their inter-life conditions, and their past lives memories glitter in the awareness of subject. As a result, individuals describe those memories verbally.

Cause-Effect Or Karma:

Second type of past life regression techniques in hypnotism includes cause-effect method. This method follows the principle of karma (principle of existing, causes and effects). Some therapists believe that, whatever individuals do in past lives, their effects are directly seen in present lives. Thus, if people do something good in their past life, they do not usually encounter problems in their present life.

Therapists consider the birth time, date, and state of the individuals to obtain information about their past life. In short, an individual’s past creates a pertinent effect on the present physical, emotional, spiritual or mental health. For instance, therapists say if past vows, promises, decisions or thoughts remain unfulfilled, then they may create adverse effects on the individual’s present life.

Non-Hypnotic Method:

In non-hypnotic techniques or bridge techniques, intense emotions, words, visions, phrases or physical sensations may instantly bridge conflicts of the present life to the past.
Here, individuals automatically slip into consciousness without having to undergo the formal transition state.

Thus, past life regression techniques help to identify root of problems and this helps to clear unwarranted fears and overcome present life difficulties.


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