Beyond Trance Words – How to use Hypnotic Themes

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Hypnotic themes are by nature the big brothers of hypnotic words; they are stronger, bigger and more powerful. A hypnotic theme takes the hypnotic words we have been working with and puts them together into a new context. The idea or activity in the themes is loaded with hypnotic characters and as I give you some examples you will see what I mean.

There are many, many hypnotic themes. You see and are confronted by them everyday probably without even noticing it. A hypnotic theme that is very common is when you sit down to watch a movie, whether at the movie theatre or on your television at home. As you are engulfed in the movie’s action you are eventually so absorbed that the very activities around you go unnoticed.

You are too busy experiencing within yourself the lives of the characters you are watching. You are feeling the emotions they are feeling and closely following their story as if it were your own life being played out for the world to see.

This is an example of a hypnotic theme; another example would be if you are a person who enjoys reading. As you sit down with your book you usually end up so wrapped up in the story line that you don’t even notice that you are actually reading words. Instead there is only a picture playing out in your mind, and nothing happens around you except what the characters in your book are doing and saying. Often you will lose track of time and continue reading because the story line is too captivating to put down.

Now the two examples I just gave you are common everyday samples of how a hypnotic theme happens, feels and looks like. These are activities that are loaded with the hypnotic concepts found in the 4 Stage Protocol. Your attention is completely absorbed and the critical factor is bypassed mainly because you believe it is a story, therefore needs no or little analysis.

The activity is also getting an unconscious response from you in that it is evoking emotions, sometimes strong emotion if you can identify with the characters and sometimes just the sharing of the experience. You are also putting the uncommon response into action, you are taking in the experience you are watching or reading about and making it your own, adding it to your file of the way things feel, look, sound and the way they affect you.

Reading books and watching movies are both experiences that will be categorized in the hypnotic themes section of life. We usually don’t view them this way and no one expects them to change your life for the better, but that is because they are simply themes and not the whole process of hypnosis.

As you begin to use hypnotic themes in your practice you will be giving rich and deep descriptions of things, ideas and activities. The more you focus in on these things in your stories the more focused and interested your listener will become in your words. The more you speak in hypnotic themes the more your listener will become engaged in what you are saying. Their neurology and the related matters within them will begin to activate and start buzzing them with excitement about what will be happening next. They will be lost to your conversation much like they are pulled into a book or movie.

This in itself is the activation of a trance. It usually isn’t going to be the type of trance where a person falls on there face because they are so hypnotized but it is defiantly an altered state of mind. They will seem awake with their eyes open and they will respond to your words with slight nods of the head, an occasional word of agreement or facial expressions.

However, you may notice the eyes slightly more dilated and glazed over, and a difference in their breathing. This is because the signal recognitions systems you have learned about will be present even in this sort of trance.

Hypnotic themes are a very powerful way of conveying a story and engaging people in only what you are saying. They will be very helpful in creating a positive environment for other Conversational Hypnosis skills. They are very powerful and can have a dramatic impact on the lives of those around you.

Look for these signals the next time you are in a deep conversation or telling a good story to a friend and you will see that you are probably inducing these everyday without even being aware of it.

Another skill that we need to discuss is that of personal trance words. These are again related to hypnotic words but they are different in that they are words important to the person. Hypnotic words have a universal meaning to them, one that most people understand in a broad sense within the culture.

Personal trance words on the other hand are words that people will lean on unconsciously because they are words that are defining to them. People will find their personal trance words without even knowing it and they will use them over and over again. Each time they use the words they will lean on them in the same ways, using the same tone, emphasis, body language and even the same facial expressions. These words become natural triggers for the people that they belong to.

The bottom line is personal trance words are unique to the individual my personal trance words will likely be different than yours and they will have a special meaning or significance to each person as well. Now there are both positive and negative personal trance words and as you work with people you will begin to pick up on these.

For your purposes in hypnosis you will want to use only the positive personal trance words as you interact with your subjects, you want a positive experience. When you are in a session with a subject and you are using personal trance words you will not have the same trigger effect if you simply state the word.

You must pay attention to the mannerisms, tonality, rhythm and general way they express the word to be effective. Then when you use the word or repeat it back to them you need to do it as closely to how they say the word as possible. This will give you the greatest effect and will allow you to use these words in your language to your advantage.


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