Advanced Secrets of Covert Hypnosis Mastery – Secretly Hypnotize Anyone

a little on Covert Hypnosis & Communication from Trance Sensations – S

Love Hypnotist Sonny Rosati & The Comedy Side of Hypnosis


A lot of hypnotists newly venturing into the world of covert conversational hypnosis fear that they will be ‘caught’ using their skills by their unwitting hypnotic subjects. This is an interesting fear to have as it seems to suggest that these hypnotists are doing something wrong or something bad, something which you want to ‘get away with.’ Apart from this being a very unhealthy attitude to have towards what is perhaps one of the most powerful vehicles for positive change and improvement there is, it is also something of a self fulfilling prophecy.

Think about this, the unconscious mind is highly perceptive, even if we are not always able to consciously access these perceptions. I am sure you know what it’s like to see someone, even before you speak to them, and just automatically get a feeling about them. Maybe you’ll like them, maybe you won’t. These feelings will seem…

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