Past Life Regression Hypnosis: How It Works

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You heard it many times before. An accountant turns out to be a tax collector during the 1900s. The mother of two was actually a beauty queen during the 1920s. A young man was a beautiful maiden, and the child was a strong soldier during the Roman era.

We are talking about past lives. The concept is very close to reincarnation, since the latter believes that the soul returns to earth a lot of times to learn lessons. In the process, it takes on different forms or personas. However, the soul or the person who possesses it doesn’t remember these past memories since they’re repressed deep into the subconscious mind. To know who you are years ago-or even centuries before-you have to go through past life regression hypnosis.

How to Perform Hypnosis

How does it work? Usually you deal with a hypnotherapist, who’ll try to document everything you’re going to say. Like any other hypnosis, you will be placed in a very relaxed state. This way, the hypnotherapist and you can easily access your subconscious. You will be asked to either walk along a long hallway or imagine a clock with its hands turning backward-anything that would denote a journey back through time.

When you’re completely relaxed, the hypnotherapist will then ask a series of questions, like who you are, what year it is, what you are doing, and any detail that would relate to your “past life.”

Why Do You Do This?

Interestingly, people have a variety of reasons why they decide to go on a past life regression hypnosis. Some are plainly curious and want to see for themselves if it’s really true. There are also others go through it so they’ll have enough basis to debunk it.

And there are many who go through past life regression hypnosis to solve their current problems. They don’t understand what they’re going through or what they’re feeling, and they think that such hypnosis can reveal their repressed memory or trauma and settle it once and for all.

For example, if a person is afraid of the waters, it’s possible that his or her past life will reveal how he or she had drowned. To finally resolve it, the hypnotherapist can use suggestions or subliminal messages such as

These are already all in the past.
I accept the tragedy but am ready to move on.
I have the power to change the course of my life.

Can You Do Past Life Regression All on Your Own?

Yes, you can. There are a lot of self hypnosis scripts you can depend on. You can study and practice them. Basically, the process isn’t completely different, except that there’s no hypnotherapist around to help. If you wish to become a master of it, you can enroll in a hypnosis school.

But Is This True?

It depends on your belief. If you don’t believe in soul or reincarnation, there’s no way you’ll also think that past life regression is truthful. But then again, one, regardless of his belief or non-belief, should remember that past life regression has helped many with a variety of issues.


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