Hypnosis Meetup in Kitsilano!


Hi guys!


This week we’ll be doing more Past Life Regression! I have collected a number of different hypnosis methods for accessing “Past Lives” over the years. Last time we approached PLR from a spiritual metaphor using “The Great Hall of Records” and the different rooms that you can find there. This week we’ll be using a more linear Time Line approach that I learned from Tad James back when we both taught workshops @ The Learning Annex. (Yes. Sonny really is that old.. & amazing!)


Induction.. This week I’ll demonstrate The Dave Elman Induction. It’s a powerful induction but we’ll be doing PLR so.. why not? – The script is on the website – http://www.hypnosisvancouver.com


New members.. are ALWAYS welcome. Please tell your friends. You don’t have to register, it’s free, and there are no obligations..


Where we meet.. Currently, we meetup @ 7pm on Wednesdays in the meeting room in the Canadian Legion Lodge in Kitsilano – 2229 Maple St.


Hypnosis Vancouver.. The website is back up and it looks great! If you’d like to be listed please let me know.


Private sessions.. For those who don’t know I very quietly practice my Hypnotherapy in a private clinic off of Denman St. in the West End/Coal Harbour. I charge $95 session but there are discounts available on the web if you look around and by asking ME @ the Meetup or one of our Workshops.


Next Week.. The Elman Induction has me thinking that we should begin to move away from the Passive Inductions and have a look at some of the more Active Inductions so.. let’s try The Arm Drop. This induction is a rapid style method of entering a trance. Some people use it in Hypnosis Lecture Demos, and others (many people) use it in the clinic for a “softer” rapid induction.


Guys are asking me about the real world applications of Hypnosis for sales and seduction again.. Don’t be shy. Both men and women have been asking. I’m here to help.. & the only things I charge for are Private Sessions and Public Workshops.


See everyone Wednesday @ The Legion


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Musician, Hypnotist, & Professional Cool Guy He is affectionately known as The Love Hypnotist for his work Mending Broken Hearts & helping people Find True Love. www.thesunnyside.net www.thesunnysidemusic.com https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwnRTQpNNhFE4MS359n4u_w
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