Dave Elman Induction: How to..


In this article I will give you an understanding of how the Elman induction works. Lets start with the induction:

“Take a deep breath in and hold it for a few seconds.” (If your client closes his eyes you should stop the induction and restart it because your client has exactly to do the things you want him to do.)

Allow your mind to close your eyes while you are breathing out and relax every muscle you can feel in your body. Allow your whole body to relax as much as possible, right now.

Now you can concentrate your attention on the small muscles around your eyes and relax them so much that they can’t move anymore.

While you are totally relaxed you can find out that you can’t open your eyelids anymore. Try to test them. They can’t move!”

Now there are 3 possible situations: — The client can’t open his eyelids and you can continue with the induction – If the client opens his eyelids you can say: “Well done, you have proved that you can open your eyes. You have proved that you have the full control over your body. You open your eyes every day. Now you can prove me that you can relax your eyes so much that they stay closed. — If the client doesn’t test his eyelids you should repeat this step.

“Maybe this relaxation can spread your whole body. Make sure that your whole body is totally relaxed. From your head to the tips of your toes.

I don’t know if you already noticed that this relaxation can become deeper and deeper. In a moment I will command you to open and to your eyes immediately.

Opening your eyes can relax your body even more and more. If you close your eyes you can sink 10 times deeper in relaxation.

Open your eyes now, close them again and feel how deep your relaxation can be. Maybe you can imagine how falling in a deeper state of trance could feel like.

In a moment I will tell you to open and close your eyes again and you know that you easily can double the relaxation if you close your eyes.

Well done. Now relax every single muscle in your body.”

This technique is called fractionation. Repeat it a few times to deepen your clients state of trance.

“Now I will lift up your right hand and let it fall.This hand will be so relaxed that it will simply fall down. But don’t try to help me! You have to stay totally passive and let me do the lifting.

When your hand falls down you will immediately sink ten times deeper into trance. (lift the hand up)

While your hand falls down you can allow your body to sink deeper into trance.”

Now your client is in a very deep trance and you can start giving your positive suggestions until you end the trance with the suggestions to be fully awake and aware. With this rapid induction you can achieve somnambulism in under 4 minutes and get the best results.


Maik is a German student who is highly interested in hypnosis, Nlp and personality-development.

You can find out more about hypnosis at Hypnosis-stories



Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Maik_Mueller


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