Conversational Hypnosis For Sales

hypnosisvancouverConversational hypnosis or NLP Hypnosis has one of those eery rings to it. The term sounds like you’ll be putting someone under your spell. This isn’t exactly the case. Conversational hypnosis in its basic form is telling stories. Now there are more advanced methods, far too many to go into in this post. The point is, to have you prospect buy something from you, they have to imagine owning it already. The best way to do this is to tell a story.

Think about it. A good story is captivating. Whether its true or fictional it still intrigues the majority of people. Not only do stories hold our attention. The person listening to the story, has to, imagine him or herself in the story. That is how the human mind works. The mind thinks in metaphors or stories. So when you hear a story being told to you, your conscious mind is allowed to turn off. This allows the critical factor of your prospects mind to be temporarily deactivated.

Remember the last time you went to the movies. I bet something happened in the movie that was absolutely not realistic. Yet still you played along and enjoyed the movie. Am I right? Well somebody out there, and you know who you are, the guy or gal who counts the number of shots being fired out of each type of gun. The wannabe physics expert who likes to tell you how that move somebody did just broke all the laws of Newtonian physics. Well these people, thankfully, are in the minority. By the way, if you have a few customers like this, there is actually a specific way to close them.

For sake of brevity, let me give you one other conversational hypnosis or NLP hypnosis technique. This is known as the command tonality. Now most people are aware that when a person raises their tonality (makes their voice higher) at the end of a sentence it makes it sound like a question. If you haven’t noticed this just pay attention to people speaking and you’ll notice it immediately. Conversely if a person lowers his or her tonality (makes their voice lower) at the end of a sentence this is a command. Just imagine your mom saying, “Go do the dishes, RIGHT NOW,” with a downturn of her voice on the “RIGHT NOW.”

Now the magic occurs when you use the command tonality when asking a question. For example, “It really is a great product, isn’t it.” Just a subtle downturn and a nod of the head in the affirmative and you have an incredibly persuasive statement.

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