An Easy Way to Try Covert Hypnosis

covert hypnosisCovert Hypnosis is an advanced hypnosis technique where a subject is hypnotized in the course of a normal conversation, completely unaware that hypnosis is in progress. Covert Hypnosis is tricky to apply and requires tremendous control over body language, expression and situational dynamics. However, impossible as it may sound, the art exists and is easily learned with the help of the following steps and lots of practice.

Building a Rapport

The first step in Covert Hypnosis is establishing a connection with your subject at the subconscious level so that trust is built and the person opens up to accept your direction. A strong rapport is crucial to the success of your hypnosis and can be achieved through any number of techniques. Mirror Imagining is the most common, where you connect with the person by adopting his gestures and mannerisms in the course of the conversation. An equally popular technique is Cross-Mirror imagining, where you imitate the subject, but in the other direction, like leaning right if he leans left, rubbing your left ear if he rubs his right. Similarly, Vocabulary Matching, i.e., employing the same words and phrases that the subject uses, is another easy yet effectual tool. While applying any of these techniques, remember to use them as subtly and naturally as possible.

Shutting off the Critical Thinking

A subject is more amenable to suggestion when you bypass his critical thinking and appeal to his imagination. This can be done by deliberately activating his imaginative state by using key phrases like “Imagine”, “Suppose” or “What if”. Such phrases naturally kick-start the imaginative mind, and by leading the subject into a story beginning with say, “Imagine you are on vacation”, you can suppress his the analytical mind and prepare him for the next stage of the hypnosis.

Using Commands to Control the Mind and Body

By building a rapport with the subject and making him amenable to your suggestions, you have primed him for the final stage of Covert Hypnosis. You can now move into the actual purpose of the hypnosis, using your words and tone to lead the subject towards what you would like him to accomplish. Continuing the same example, you can direct the subject to visualize a relaxing and tranquil vacation, while peppering your statements with imagination inducing words to retain your hold on the subject’s mind. Remember to keep your suggestions simple, engage all the senses, and stay consistent with your story.

Learning covert hypnosis can be exciting as it is one of the most effective ways of hypnosis. The hypnotist can easily enter the mind of the subject and put his ideas through normal social conversations. The technique mainly depends on three steps: building a rapport, shutting off the critical thinking and using commands to control the mind and body. Each of these steps involves a lot of practice to make them perfect and by doing so; the hypnotist can gain full control over the consciousness of the subject. The magic of covert hypnosis can change the life by pursuing to overcome the weaknesses.

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