Past Life Regression to Remove Love and Success Blocks

Lotus flowerThis article will focus on past life regression healing, emphasizing the connection between past life, and life challenges people may face, such as financial limitations, problems in creating or keep loving relationships, some fears, lack of confidence, eating disorders, fitness challenges, emotional and health issues! Some of these challenges may be linked to a past life decision or choice made in situation of emotional distress (such as poverty or chastity vows).

While some other issues may be related to a past life, in which some needs may have not been met, and so negative or intense emotions weren’t properly expressed or processed! When this happens, the experience is recorded and stored in the soul’s blueprint, where it stays hidden, and continues to run in the background, affecting people’s emotions, subconscious thoughts and conscious actions! According to my direct experience, Past Life Regression Therapy, is one of the most powerful method for healing and transformation! To show it I will bring up a true story:

Mary Smith (whose name I have changed to protect this person’s identity) is a wonderful, charismatic, compassionate young woman who had a confidence block and asked me to work with her. She was extremely shy, and being around people, especially of opposite sex, would cause her anxiety and fill her with fear. For her, going out and meet new people, socializing, and being able to create a loving relationship, which for most people are easy,natural things to do, had become an impossible reality. If a guy, whom she found attractive, would start talking to her, she would feel a sense of anxiety, have difficulty breathing, her palms would sweat, next, she would go into a state of panic and leave the scene. This was the reason why, even if having plenty of good qualities, such as great personality, beauty, talent, a good heart, at 32, she had never experience a romantic relationship.

During the few regressions, she was able to access a past life she had lived, and which related to her problems in socializing, her extreme shyness and fear of being around guys she found attractive. She saw that in that life, she had been the daughter of noble, rich parents, during the Medieval era, somewhere in Northern Europe. Her father had died. She had 5 younger sisters, and two older brothers, who were very influential, domineering and controlling over the whole family.

She was in love with a young man from a poor family, but her brothers didn’t allow her to have any contact with him, she only had permission to marry someone of equal social class and descent.One night, she was caught talking with her young lover in the back yard of her family mansion. After this incident, her brothers threatened to ban and disown her if she would continue to have any further contact with him.

However she couldn’t keep this promise and continued to meet with him in secret. In the end, her brothers who had plenty of power and influence in the society, arranged for this young man to be banished from the village and be sent away to a different part of the country. Overwhelmed by grief, she decided to leave her family house, renouncing all the privileges she was entitled to, and run away, in an attempt to reach him and be with him! Unfortunately, because of lack of financial means, during her journey, she faced hardship, hunger, poverty and isolation.

In the end it became unbearable, and she had no other choice, in order to survive, than to return to her family and ask for forgiveness. She was forgiven and permitted to stay, but she was allowed to live very strict conditions, in almost total isolation from the outside world. And so she made a promise to herself, she took some kind of mental vow: That of never again fall in love, or even have feelings of love, to avoid going through so much hardship, hunger, poverty, lack, solitude,

So she repressed all these natural emotions, deep down, and since this decision was made in a condition of intense emotional distress, fear and regret, it was recorded, in her subconscious mind, and subsequently in her soul’s blue print, as traumatic experience, where it stayed hidden, running in the background for many lives!

Through these past life regressions we were able to unearth the true source of her problem: her lack of confidence, her social anxiety and fear of the opposite sex, were in reality, just pure fear for survival!

Next we worked on removing and dissolving this old vow, and the negative, false beliefs connected to it, then replacing them with healthy, positive, truthful ones. As well, we were able to completely heal this core, this deep survival fear, wrongly connected with feelings of being in love, or having a loving relationship.There was no emotional pain or discomfort, during the regression, because this person was in a state of complete deep relaxation, nut just a small degree of sadness, and compassion toward that courageous woman who had gone through so much hardship, for the sake of true love, followed by emotional release.

The real happy ending is that about 7 months after her past life regression healing, Mary met a wonderful gentleman, she was able to fall in love and have a loving relationship with him, and they are now married, and have a little 2 years old daughter!

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