How Gifted Children Can Make Peace With Their Gifts!

because gifted children don’t look the way you think – and they are usually really tough to spot – because.. most of them learn to agree with everything you say (or disagree) and simply hide – but they’re special.. and they deserve our patience as well – from my little music school – sending love – S

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It goes without saying that gifted children are as varied in their academic, psychological and social needs as the households that produce them. Some children have successfully managed to integrate their academic gifts and talents with who they are as a person while others struggle to make such adjustments.

One thing I hear most as an acceleration coach from parents is how their child exhibits scholastic talent at home but “dumb themselves down” to avoid being singled out in school. We as parents know all too well the disastrous affects this behavior can have not just on our children’s academic career but on their self-esteem and the realization of their full potential.

Going along to just “get along” can cause children to lose their sense of self by constantly seeking outside approval and yielding to the will and intentions of others. For many kids this has led to profound stress…

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