Antidepressants Intensify Anxiety and Depersonalization


Feelings of anxiety and depersonalization do not require medication because neither is an illness. They are learned behaviors, simply resolved when approached correctly. Through the combination of behavior modification and diet/nutrition one is able to reconcile symptoms and return to normal living.

Antidepressant medications create amplified reactions for anyone sensitive to outside stimuli and many individuals fall into this category. The distinct personality of one who struggles with anxiety and depersonalization lends itself to these over-reactions.

Interestingly enough, the return to antidepressant medications, even for those who fared well upon first time usage, often creates a stronger adverse reaction, resulting in a noticeable setback in the recovery process.

It’s important to recognize the personality profile of the individual who adversely reacts to antidepressant medications:

Personality Profile

– Highly intelligent

– Reactive to outside stimuli: medications, temperature changes, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, stimulants, sugar.

– Analytical: Deep thinker, reworks situations in his/her mind.

– Over-Achiever: Hard worker, long invested hours, intense concentration.

– Perfectionist: Detail oriented, compulsive, precision in work.

– Non-Confrontational: Avoidance of uncomfortable situations, repression of emotions, frustration.

The combination of this personality and antidepressants often results in these reactions:

– Nausea

– Lightheaded

– Anxiety

– Panic

– Anxiety Attacks

– Loss of Appetite

– Insomnia

– Depersonalization

– Derealization

This is often intensified for those returning to antidepressant use after being med-free for a prolonged time frame. This is even more surprising when their first round of antidepressants might have been symptom free.

Bottom line, the combination of the above personality type and antidepressant medications is not recommended. The individual is far too reactive to outside stimuli and adverse reactions will override any benefits these medications could possibly provide.

The correct approach to permanent recovery from anxiety and depersonalization is supplied by the combination of behavior modification and diet/nutrition. This natural approach allows a permanent correction from debilitating brain fog, anxiety reactions and strong feelings of depersonalization and derealization. This approach does not require a long or drawn out process. The mind refreshes rapidly and anxiety symptoms abate. The diet/nutrition plan ensures a return to balanced blood sugar levels and stabilized serotonin levels in the brain.

Antidepressants only serve to hold serotonin in the brain but if one is not eating correctly, there is little serotonin to hold on to, defeating the main purpose. If, on the other hand, one eats correctly, serotonin is naturally manufactured on a daily basis, eliminating the need for medication. Life returns to normal without the risk of side effects, withdrawal symptoms or large financial investments required due to a strong dependency on pharmaceuticals.

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