How to Use NLP to Master NLP


With NLP being the technology of achievement, NLP trainees miss a trick when learning new NLP techniques; they don’t use NLP to accelerate their learning. This short article will use several NLP techniques to help you master any NLP technique quickly, in just 4 easy steps.

Remember repetition is the key to success, to master NLP you need to practice, practice and practice which means practicing even when you have completed your NLP course. So many people pay for NLP training, only to never use it in their life, take what you have learnt and apply it to be more successful, it has worked for me and many of my business associates and coaching clients.

The following 4 NLP techniques will help you access your best learning state, learning form what went wrong and by asking the future you to give you some positive advice.

1. Find Your Best Learning Strategy think about to a time that you were your best at learning, relive this experience as if you were there now, learning at your best. What is the first that happened when you were learning at your best? Did you visualise something? Did you hear something or did you feel something? What was the first thing that happened? What happened next, did you see, hear or feel something? Keep asking the what happened next question until you at the end of your learning strategy “nothing, I was at my best.” You can now use your best learning strategy to learn NLP

2. There is no failure only feedback – make lots and lots of mistakes, keep trying techniques and get them wrong. After each mistake, ask what did I learn from this experience? How can this make me better at NLP? Use your answers to prefect your learning and delivery of NLP techniques.

3. Perceptible Positions imagine you could see someone who was really good at NLP techniques, observe what they are doing, how are they stood, what is their rate of breath, how do they move, stand, talk – become aware of everything that makes this person good at NLP. Next imagine you could step into their body, take on their posture, mannerisms and jesters. As you now feel like this person, take on their beliefs and values, see the world from their eyes and give yourself the self talk this person gives themselves. As you step out of their body take all this new learning and experiences with you to improve your NLP techniques

4. Imagine being on a timeline, as you view this timeline imagine that everything in your future is perfect, you master NLP and you use NLP to better your life – see your life ahead of you as you live your life to the full. Notice 4 images on your timeline set out every quarter throughout the twelve month period, on each image see yourself being your best, notice all the detail and how happy you are in each of these images. Walk through your timeline, through each of these 4 images until you’re in the forth image. While in the last future image, step into this future you and see the world from the eyes of this older you, how do you feel, what do you see and hear? Look back down your timeline to the you know and give yourself some useful advice – what do you want to tell yourself? That’s great, now come back down your timeline taking on this new learning until you step back into yourself in the now.

These 4 NLP techniques will help you master NLP, as you learn more NLP techniques use these same techniques to improve your NLP ability. NLP has many levels, to master all these different levels you need to practice and practice. If you have a goal you want to achieve use the NLP well formed outcome techniques which we will post on ezine very soon so keep your eyes out, but for now we would like to wish you the best of luck with Your Life, Your Career and Your Future.

At Employment King we want to help you achieve your goals by giving you the motivation and knowledge to improve Your Life Your Career and Your Future

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