How to Love Your Wife the Way She Appreciates It


No matter how much a man loves his wife, if he doesn’t know how to express it in the right way, the wife will not catch the signals correctly. Men tend to use their head and logic more than their heart and feelings. They think when they work so hard and earn enough money, the wife will feel how much he loves her that he can provide for her and the family. But often the wife still complains that he doesn’t love her, leading to disappointment and arguments. So here are a few tips on how to love your wife in the way that she will appreciate it.

1. Tell her in words. You may think that she should know by now that you love her, otherwise why would you marry her and live with her. However, your wife may want some reassurance that after all this long of marriage, you still love her and want her. Indirectly she wants to assure herself that your staying with her is not because he has nowhere else to go. Don’t overdo it, but telling her once in awhile how much she means to you will be greatly appreciated.

2. Be physical. If you don’t feel comfortable showing affection in public, then do it at the comfort of your own home. Put your arm around her shoulder when you both sitting on the couch watching tv, or occasionally grab her around her waist when she prepares for meals and give her a light kiss on the cheek, you get the idea. Simple gestures that remind her of the loving relationship she is in.

3. Make time for her. Some people think that the more money they can make, the happier the wife will be. However majority of women don’t prefer their husbands to work overtime including weekends, come home at bed time and spend almost all of their waking life for work. Money is important, but when you concentrate on making money so much that you ‘forget’ you have a wife at home waiting to spend some time with you, then the money will not show her your love, it will only show how much you love money and not her.

4. Keep your words. Don’t promise her things you cannot keep. If you make mistakes and promise her not to repeat them again, do so. If you say you are going to take her for a trip on the weekend, do so unless there is something very important happens that you need to cancel your plan. In that case your wife should understand. Don’t make changing your mind a habit as it will make your wife feel she is not important. If you want her to feel your love, you have to make her feel important to you.

5. Make little surprises. Everybody enjoys nice surprises every now and then. It doesn’t have to be a bunch of roses. Cook something special for her birthday. Yes, it is crucial that you remember important dates such as her birthday and your anniversary. On normal days you can buy her favorite treat once in a while on the way home from work. Something fun out of the ordinary will take you both out of the routine and boredom.

Things don’t have to be expensive. After all, it is the thought that counts. But you have to show her the thought or she won’t be able to see it. It is very important how to love your wife in the way she can actually feel it.


Feeling stuck because nothing can impress your wife no matter what you do? Simple loving gestures will not do to fix a relationship that is falling apart. Do you know what you must and must not do in a time like this? Do you realize if you know what is going on, you can make the right approach? It is not too late to get the romance back but pay attention because not many will share you these secrets.


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