Hypnosis Without Trance – Incredible Secrets Of Waking Hypnosis


The hypnosis landscape is changing fast.

Leading hypnotists are beginning to realize that the hypnotic induction is, nine times out of 10, actually a complete waste of your time, and that chasing hypnotic trance is actually hurting the success of your hypnosis.

If you want to truly change someone’s life, and help them quit smoking, lose weight, get over their fears and phobias, study harder, live better, and simply love life, then you need to figure out exactly what works, and focus only on that.

Whittle away what doesn’t work, and you are left with waking hypnosis. Also known as ‘Hypnosis Without Trance’ waking hypnosis is a stunningly powerful system that allows you to achieve all the success of the standard hypnotic process, and more besides, in less than half the time.

The keys to waking hypnosis are confidence and observation. Since hypnosis without trance is conversational, and seems just like a normal conversation or interaction, the more confident and congruent you appear, the less barriers or resistance you will elicit.

Another essential key is observation and sensory acuity. Use your eyes, and watch your subject. Notice their breathing, their movements, their reactions. Use what you observe to keep your suggestions relevant, and to the minute.

Waking hypnosis gives you the freedom to interact, and ask the people you hypnotize questions. These questions not only shape their subjective realities, but also give you valuable feedback that you can use to make your hypnosis way more effective.

I think it’s fair to say that if you are serious about being a master hypnotist, you need master hypnosis without trance.


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Nathan Thomas

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